Spring is the Perfect Time For Outdoor Training

The long and dreary Winter has finally gone which means it’s spring time, and there’s no better time to start outdoor training then in spring.

Over the past few years, Bailey’s Bodies has Outdoor Training has expanded to three boot camp locations so there’s no excuse not to make it. Our highly trained personal trainers will be able to whip you into shape, helping you lose weight and improve your fitness.

I’ve spoken to plenty of people who’ve tried to lose weight and get fit but never stuck to their gym routines. No one enjoys running on a treadmill for 45 minutes while stuck indoors, especially when the weather is so good outside. Outdoor Training is great fun and will help you get even better results than ever as our many satisfied customers have already done so!

Our group training sessions are run by highly qualified personal trainers who are there to make sure you get fit, and have fun at the same time. Outdoor training has a social aspect to it as well, and training with a friend is always more enjoyable than staring at the walls of a gym by yourself. If you’ve never tried outdoor training before, we’ve got a free trial you can start to see how you like it, and we know you’ll love it once you’ve started!

Outdoor Training Benefits

So, what are the benefits of outdoor training?

We train outdoors
I know it’s obvious, but it’s so much more fun to spend your training sessions outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

Train with your friends
Bring one of ten of your friends down. It makes the session so much more enjoyable to have a chat while you’re working out, or during the drink breaks.

No excuses
Scheduled training ensures you are more likely to stick to it. It’s so easy to put the gym off and tell yourself, “I’ll go tomorrow”. When you’re doing outdoor training with your friends, you can’t slack off because they won’t let you.

Keep burning fat after you’ve finished training
Outdoor training involves a lot of full body exercises, interval training and high intensity exercises. This gives your metabolism boost that can for many hours after you’ve finished working out. Your body will keep burning fat, long after you’ve finished your workout!

Fun & Interesting Outdoor Training
Our training sessions have a lot of variety so you’ll never get bored of repeating the same exercise non-stop. We have running, boxing, body weight and various other training sessions. There’s always something to learn!

Friendly staff
Our highly trained personal trainers are there to make sure you achieve the results you’re after, but they’re not drill sergeants — they will not stand over you and yell at you. We’re all there to have fun and help you achieve your goals.

It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? We’ve got a free trial for you and your friends so sign up now to take advantage of this offer.

We have two great training locations so there’s bound to be somewhere close to you:

We think you’ll have a great time with our outdoor training, improve your fitness and get to enjoy the beautiful spring time weather.