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The Benefits of Outdoor Training


  • Additional assistance to help you through the week
  • No excuses, A number of days/times to suit everyones needs/lifestyles
  • Lose all your excess weight and keep it off
  • Increase fitness levels so you have the energy to enjoy life
  • Improve or even eliminate your health problems
  • Exercise and have fun with your friends

Kid Friendly Atmosphere

We know how difficult it can be to get away from the kids to work on your fitness so we’ve created our Wantirna South Bootcamp to help people get their training in with our kid friendly boot camp. The location has play equipment to keep the children busy while you work on your fitness goals.

We’ll take care of your kids while you work on improving your health and fitness!

Our Success Stories

Have a look at just how much some of our clients have achieved!

Catherine M

“Tanna is brilliant, supportive always and encouraging!”

I joined Bailey’s Bodies in August 2011 — a date I will remember for a long time to come. After my first workout with Tanna, I spent the rest of the day on the couch, unable to move due to soreness and exhaustion. I knew my weight was spiralling out of control, but I also realised on that day that I was very unfit and unhealthy. Tanna is brilliant, supportive always and encouraging!  I’ve not looked back since joining Bailey's Bodies and now look forward to my sessions each week.  I love getting the tape measure out and adding up all the centimetres I’ve lost. I’ve now done two charity runs – 4km and 5km – for the first time ever without stopping too. I can swim 3km and do proper push ups for the first time ever. I owe it all to Tanna and her dedication to make people fit, healthy and happy!!

Casey Hosken

“Casey lost 6.7kg and 26.5cm, dropping her bodyfat by 5.8%”

With Bailey’s Bodies I have been able to achieve great results in only 6 weeks thus far. 
I’ve enjoyed the early morning training sessions much more than I thought I would and now love starting the day this way. It’s a friendly, fun group, with plenty of laughs to be had as well. Regardless of your fitness level, there are always different options to challenge yourself, and the variety keeps you motivated, not just the same old thing every day. The trainers are very supportive and informative, always happy to answer any questions you may have. Tanna knows her stuff!!!! Bailey’s Bodies has helped me reach some goals already, and I look forward to continuing to accomplish further health, fitness and life goals with Bailey’s Bodies.  

Leeanne D

“can now run around a netball court without feeling like I'm gonna die”

I did the six week challenge with Baileys Bodies to try and lose a few kilos and improve my fitness.  Tanna advised me exactly what to eat and what not to eat or drink and how often to exercise. She even set out a menu which I followed exactly. I lost 7 kgs much to my surprise and can now run around a netball court without feeling like I'm gonna die! I'm now a full time member and have lost more weight in the few weeks since the challenge.  I highly recommend Baileys Bodies because if you do what they tell you it works!!! Tanna is very encouraging and makes herself available for support at any time.  


“I have lost 24 kilos! I love attending and have met a lot of wonderful people along my journey”

I am a 31year old stay at home mum and my original goal was to lose 10-15 kilos and fit back into a pair of Bettina Liano jeans. Having such an amazing, approachable and knowledgeable personal trainer to assist me throughout my weight loss journey made it so much easier. I have lost 24 kilos! I now have muscle definition in my legs which I have never had! I love attending and have met a lot of wonderful people along my journey and overall I have achieved fantastic results. 

Mitch Kennedy

“Mitch lost 4.7kg and 27.5cm, dropping his bodyfat by 6.8%”

Training with Bailey’s bodies has been a fun way to get fit. The sessions are full of variety and have given me an opportunity to lose weight and improve my fitness among a team environment. Along with the exercise you also gain a whole new understand of food and eating, and how to create great meals that will keep you on track. At Bailey’s bodies you will fall in love with Exercise!


“The sessions are always fun, welcoming, inclusive and challenging”

The variety of training sessions keeps me motivated and always provides a challenge as well as the encouragement and push from the trainers. The sessions are always fun, welcoming, inclusive and challenging. Being part of a group and although everyone can work at their own pace training along side others makes it more enjoyable. The main benefits I can see is definitely increased Fitness and more so the desire to want to be active. With this came the want to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Knowledge given to me from the trainers in regards to fitness and healthy eating has also helped drive me to make changes to my lifestyle for the better.

Ashlee Gower

“awesome training sessions and the support”

Tanna and the whole team at Baileys bodies have helped me become more motivated in life and more determined to reach my life goals. The awesome training sessions and the support given by all the trainers during the 6 week challenge has really helped me change my set from i cant do it to I CAN! I'm so grateful to have Baileys Bodies by my side as I continue my weight loss journey!

Michiel Ruighaver

“I have dropped 10kg since I started”

I started the 6 week journey to gain some fitness (and lose a little weight too!) Before the journey started, I couldn't run around with the kids for more than a few minutes before I had to stop and be the referee (my trick for getting out of running). The 6 week transformation taught me to be a little more selective with the type and quantity of food I was eating (it wasn’t about drastically reducing the quantity of food, just balancing the type of food and eating more meals regularly). It also helped me to start exercising regularly. I never understood why people ran before my 6 week journey, however I now like running 5km every day before work to clear my mind (and pick up some great ideas in the process). The added bonus is that I have dropped 10kg since I started.

Anyda Stein

“I've always struggled with sport and fitness until I met Tanna'”

She helped me to get moving and increase my metabolism to the point of burning 2000 or more calories a day. She also helped me to take note of and change my overall diet, my lifestyle change has been permanent and I feel so much better for it! I've also slimmed down and my muscles are being toned over time I can really start seeing the difference! This training is only effective if accompanied by personal dietary changes and the choice to live a healthy life!

Ashlea T

“Bailey's Bodies has been a life changing fitness program for me”

Bailey's Bodies has been a life changing fitness program for me. I was able to lose 10kg in 10 weeks and can now fit into all my favourite dresses again. I'm not a naturally sporty person, but the bootcamp sessions gave me my confidence and make me feel strong and fit after many years of disliking myself. Thanks so much Tanna and the Bailey's Bodies trainers who have made me feel like me again! I can't wait to continue training and making healthy choices in the future.

Allison Carter

“I have lost 10kg so far, have a lot more energy, and am feeling great.”

With balancing part time work, two demanding and active kids, my weight jumped rapidly after having my second child. Last year I turned 40, and my 7 year old son started to say "you should be healthier and fitter". He had a good point! I received my priorities and decided to make time for myself to enable me to be a better role model to my kids by eating better and exercising. I started by joining Bailey's Bodies Outdoor Training and have lost 10kg so far, have a lot more energy, and am feeling great. Now when my son looks at me, he says "you look skinny mum" with admiration in his voice.

Di H

“the trainers are fantastic”

The hardest thing I’ve had to do on my weight-loss journey was simply to decide to turn up. I was worried I would not be able to keep up with the ‘fit people’ and embarrass myself. Now I worry when I can’t attend. It is the best stress relief and the trainers are fantastic. They modify exercises where necessary yet challenge and encourage me to levels I didn’t know I could reach. While I recognise still have a journey ahead of me, through this supervised exercise and diet advice I have more energy than ever before. I know I am in the right supportive environment to make a change for a healthy life.  

Lisa Miller

“I just reached my goal of losing 11kg”

I just reached my goal of losing 11kg and my health has improved my blood pressure is now normal and I have come off medication due to my weight coming down and not feeling so stressed. Personally my self-esteem has risen as I feel like I'm back in control of things and I have made some great new friends through training. One of the most important things I have learnt is one bad day doesn't wreck the week. The trainers are so supportive and motivate you, every session is different and challenges you to do your best and to go that bit further when you would like to say enough then you walk away going wow I did that. Bailey’s Bodies goes the extra mile and has such a professional approach like having the emails, blogs and facebook pages and VIP members groups makes you feel like your not doing it alone.

Krista W

“the trainers are amazing; friendly, knowledgeable, motivating and encouraging”

My name is Krista and I am a 24 year old primary school teacher. I have completed two 6 week challenge programs with Bailey’s Bodies and have had very pleasing results. I was well supported throughout the programs. Tanna was always on hand to answer any queries about food or nutrition. The trainers are amazing; friendly, knowledgeable, motivating and encouraging throughout workouts, offering alternative exercises as required to cope with injury. All Bailey's Bodies members  have been extremely supportive and one of the reasons why I have done so well. I can remember being cheered by everyone to the finish line on a Saturday run (my least favourite activity). I highly recommend Bailey's Bodies 6 Week Transformation to anyone who is keen to lose weight, gain fitness or strength.


“I have more than surpassed my expectations of becoming healthier and stronger”

I joined Bailey’s Bodies in mid March 2012. Tanna has been absolutely fantastic and helped me so much, especially with my diet, patiently teaching me about nutrition and making healthier choices. I have more than surpassed my expectations of becoming healthier and stronger and as a bonus have changed my body shape quite considerably. I find the group training totally inspiring, especially being surrounded by people whom have the same goals as I do. I also feel Bailey’s Bodies has a real family atmosphere, and that people really care about you which was unexpected and has helped me so much at times. Thank you to all at Bailey’s Bodies and an especially big thank you to Tanna.

Mark Horkings

“Joining Baileys Bodies has been one of the best decisions I've ever made”

Joining Baileys Bodies has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanks to Tanna and her awesome team I have not only lost my goal of 10 kilos but have been encouraged and well guidance to lose an extra 5 kilos. Due to Tanna's help and guides I am now making better food and drink choices, feeling fitter, happier with my physical appearance and mental well being.

Alison G

“fantastic group of encouraging trainers”

Bailey’s Bodies has given me the kick start I needed to get healthy and improve my fitness!! A fantastic group of encouraging trainers and motivated members makes it an enjoyable experience and not a chore. There is always a great variety of workouts and you work to your own capabilities. In conjunction with the awesome bootcamp sessions is nutritional advice to assist you in achieving the ultimate results you want. At the end of the day it is about making a lifestyle choice and making bootcamp part of your routine. I completed the 6 week challenge and haven’t looked back... It’s true what they say “life is so much better when you are fit and healthy!!”  

Brad S

“I'm fitter than I have ever been”

I have been training with Tanna now for 11 months. I'm one of these people that don't like gyms, as I get bored very quickly.  I decided to train with Tanna, and haven't looked back!  I love that every training session is always different, which keeps you looking forward to the next session.  I started out at a training weight of 94kg and am now down to 80kg.  Tanna is not only an awesome trainer but is someone who motivates you to reach your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I'm now fitter than ever and run 3-4 times a week averaging 10-12kms each run, and have just completed my second running event.

Julie R

“I lost 55kg with Bailey’s Bodies and not a day goes by without me truly loving life”

Tanna has not only motivated and encouraged me into losing 55kg, but she has completely changed my life. She has shown me I have strengths I thought were never possible and given me confidence to achieve my goals and tackle life with a new outlook. Thank you

Kathy P

“I was fortunate enough to give Bailey’s Bodies a call and life will never be the same again”

Despite my goal being to improve my fitness, I also had the added bonus of Tanna helping me with where my diet was going wrong, and encouraging me to not only get fit but change my lifestyle. To date, I have lost 20kg and 65.5cm, and have improved my fitness levels immensely, thanks to Tanna and her encouragement along the way.

Lisa W

“If you’re looking for someone to turn your bad habits around – this girl is the one to get you through it! I cannot recommend her highly enough”

When i saw myself in my “before” photo I nearly died, I had never been so heavy in my life. Wanting to lose weight I started outdoor training with Tanna. Her knowledge of nutrition sorted out all my bad eating habits and I think this helped me the most. Tanna has also managed to make me mentally strong and confident – something I never really was.

Sophie L

“I lost 10kg in just 8 weeks!”

I set myself a goal of losing 10 kg in 6 months, as it would be my 25th birthday. After only two weeks of training I began to notice changes. When measurement time came around I was absolutely thrilled with the results I had achieved, in only 8 weeks I had reached my 6-month goal of losing 10kg. I had lost a total of 60 cms overall and 15kg by the time my birthday came around, which brought my weight down to 52kg. I look forward to every training session and  training with Tanna has been the best decision I have ever made.

Teresa L

“I had not exercised properly or eaten healthily for over 10 years.”

Tanna and Bailey’s Bodies has changed my life. I was 20 KG overweight for 8 years after having my second child, & I had not exercised properly or eaten healthily for over 10 years. Tanna’s training is amazing and inspiring. Her approach is personalized and empowering and you end up not ever wanting to miss a session! Tanna has taught me that fitness and healthy eating are a commitment you make to yourself, for yourself, and it becomes a normal way of life. I will never stop!

We Have Multiple Locations

We run regular boot camps at three locations, but we’re always looking to expand. If you’d like to request a new location, please contact us and let us know.

Our sessions generally go for an hour, including warm-up, cool-down and stretching.

Both our Wantirna Boot Camp and Ferntree Gully Boot Camp locations are undercover, with access to toilets and drinking water. This is part of our no excuse policy, we are train in the rain, hail or shine.

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