Tanna Bailey overweight
I used to be overweight but have since lost over 30kg!

My name is Tanna Bailey and only 8 years ago my life was heading in a very different direction to now. At my biggest I tipped the scale at 115kg, I was extremely unfit, unhealthy and unhappy with myself.

In my teenage years I was the biggest amongst my friends and developed very low self esteem. If the slightest bit of attention was paid to me all I remember is wishing the ground would open up and swallow me just so people would not look at me and see how fat I was.

I wanted the results but was not willing to put in the work for it.

I did not want to be the fat kid for the rest of my life.

I even tried Jenny Craig in my teenage years (it did not work for me), if that could not help me what could?

At the age of 21 with my weight at an all time high something just clicked in my brain, I realized I’m never going to get my ideal body by sitting on my behind. I was going to have to make those life changes myself as no one else could do this for me.

I developed an interest in health and went off to Uni and got my Degree in Health Promotion and Nutrition, joined a gym and really just started investing in my most precious possession, me. I educated myself and discovered there is no secret to weight loss, I put in the hard work for an entire year, changed my diet and exercise routine, read every possible bit of information regarding weight loss and fitness and left my old fat self far behind.

Losing 30kg has completely changed my outlook on life and I will never go back.

A proud 80kg!
A proud 80kg!

Losing 30kg has completely changed my outlook on life and I will never go back. I no longer want to sit on the couch and let life pass me by, I want to be right in the middle of it, to tackle each moment head on and live and love my life to the biggest capacity. I have changed my lifestyle and am never going back.

This new lifestyle of mine has given me a new found passion for life. I never thought I would be normal weight let alone work as a personal trainer and help so many people achieve the same result I have.

Now I run Bailey’s Bodies Fitness & Weight Loss Training and am a much sought after personal trainer. I want to show the rest of Australia that sensible training and eating can achieve those long desired weight loss results that you dream about. So start simple, get off that couch and come and see the changes I have made and let me change your life forever too.

Yours from start to finish,

Tanna Bailey