I really struggled with my weight my whole life. Even in the early years as a trainer. Up and down, yo-yo, weight gain and loss.

For me exercise was never the problem, I am lucky enough that I naturally love sport and sweating. Food was always my issue.


In fact, I think I’ve actually tried every diet out there. I’ve spent nearly my whole life trying to fix this one problem that I felt held me back from living my perfect life. I’ve had massive weight fluctuations over the years. I’d go through large periods of binge eating (I honestly didn’t care at those times how big I got) followed by not liking myself very much and then in turn putting myself on the strictest of diets to undo the damage.

I spent years looking for the perfect solution to solve my fat problem.

Looking back now, I realised I was using food as a comfort. If I was happy I’d eat, sad, eat, stressed, eat, whatever the emotion I’d use it as an excuse to feed my fattitude.
No matter how much weight I lost on these strict diets I could never keep it off (I have lost 30kg, three separate times).


But then something clicked in my head about 5 years ago that made me sick to death of dieting and I swore that I’d find a different way, and I did!
I knew that I couldn’t keep up gaining and losing 30kg every couple of years and have it take over my whole entire life. At the age of 35, it was already taking its toll.

I am so fortunate that I actually took the steps to STOP dieting. I know that’s crazy, right?

If I was trying to control my weight, why would I stop dieting?
But I found a way and not only did I lose my excess 30kg but for the first time in my life I have kept it off!!


This is why I am so passionate about doing what I do – because I get to help every other person struggling with body issues and extra weight and show them there is a different way to get results out there.

Every person that has struggled with their weight, just like me.

I get to show you there is an easier way out there that won’t dominate or take over your life.
To look and feel confident in that area of life that has always had control. I teach you how to take control back.

I know first-hand what this journey feels like … and it doesn’t take hours and hours a week … or revamping your entire life. I’m not talking shit, it really doesn’t (all my members can detest to this).


It DOES take time and working with your favourite foods to get the right balance with our team of trainers.


If you’re ready to make a real change, then I want you to reach out to me right now and talk me through your journey. Is it similar or different to mine?


It’s time to reach those goals – once and for all,