7 simple ways to make healthier food choices

Why is eating healthy important?

I have never understood this more than now as I approach my mid thirties. My whole life I struggled with my weight and now that I’m getting that little bit older (and more knowledgeable), I like to focus my goals a lot more on being healthy, not just my weight.

I know my body better. I know the eating principles that work for me. Going low starchy carb and higher protein gets me results every time.

I try and limit chemicals and additives when I can. You don’t want that extra processed shit in your body. Natural is better!!!

I’m here today to show you 7 easy simple tricks to make some healthier food choices to help you on your way to your health and fitness goals. These tricks will assist in dropping body fat, maximising muscle growth and making sure you get the most nutrients to make your body a lean, mean fighting machine.


Plan/prepare, save money and eat better

This is a great one. One I recommend all my clients must do to ensure success. You know the old saying “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. This is so true and you know this. Stop saying you don’t have time. Make time! Block off 2 hours on a Sunday and make up to 4-5 family meals. Take the pressure off on weeknights. Save yourself money by doing one big grocery shop and buying bulk, not to mention, no more little trips where you end up buying so much extra crap.

It’s simple, set yourself up to eat better.


Brand Swapping

You really need to start learning to read food labels. One of the best tips for making a lifestyle change and turning away from short terms diets is to brand swap.

Learn to read labels and find out which brand has the best carbs, protein, fats and sugars per 100g. Some of the best examples I can give is sausages. One normal bbq sausage (very common in a Aussies diet) is approx 17g of fat per sausage.

If you swap that to our nation’s favourite, kangaroo sausages, also known as Kanga Bangas, now reduces your fat to about 1g fat per snag. Make that 1 brand change and now you can eat kanga bangas for the rest of your life.

Yoghurt is really a food you should be comparing brands. Have a look for your lowest fat, lowest sugar yoghurt. Compare the 100g serve against each other. Swap brands and eat your favourite foods forever!!

Better Grains and Carbs

This is simple. It’s starting to become more common knowledge that we now know that sugar is the number one enemy to our health and weight battles. This is why I say it’s simple. Cut down on sugar as much as you can.

This means reducing refined flours, breads, pasta, rice, cereals. It means cutting down on whites starches including potato. Choose the healthier, whole grain and lower carbs options. Swap for brown rice, whole grain breads and pasta’s. Switch to sweet potato and start including way more veggies to every meal (I add spinach to all my protein smoothies).


Better Fats

Some fats raise your cholesterol and increase your risk for heart disease, while others lower cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease, and provide other health benefits. A “fat-free” label doesn’t mean you can eat all you want without consequences to your waistline. Many fat-free foods are high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, and calories (Read labels).

There is too many foods for me to list to avoid (avoid Trans fats), so here is a list of good fat foods you should be including in your diet in every meal. Go omega 3’s where you can, I have fish oil and flax to help me boost these levels.


  • Avocados
  • Olives
  • Nuts (almonds, peanuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, cashews)
  • Natural peanut butter (containing just peanuts and salt)
  • Walnuts
  • Soymilk and tofu
  • Sunflower, sesame, flax, and pumpkin seeds
  • Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, trout, sardines)


Go Vegetarian Sometimes

A lot of reasons why you should eat less meat.

Vegetarians are shown to have improved moods, reduce incidence of diabetes, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease. Vegetarians usually have lower cholesterol levels.

There is big evidence out there that says it reduces cancer risk, and the two big ones, less risk of stroke and obesity. Plus it will save you money.

Go vegetarian some nights of the week and the other nights, make sure veggies make up at least half your plate.


Cut Back on Shit Food

We all know this to be true but can really struggle to reduce the amount of crap food you put past your lips and into your body. I’m not saying you have to go without. I think this is unrealistic and not sustainable. Often the reason diets fail.

Eat your favourite junky foods in moderation. I’m talking once a week or fortnight. Not a day or full weekend. How many of you are guilty for this? It’s just too much. It’s no longer a treat.

Be realistic and choose these foods on special occasions.



Cutting out sugary drinks can be the one and only single change some people make and they see the weight fall off them. It can really happen that quickly.

All other categories on here, in this blog, I’ve talked about cutting down and brand swapping. For sugary drinks I’m telling you to cut that crap out all together. You just shouldn’t be getting any daily calories from drinks. Plain and simple.

These are life changing tips I have given you today. Choose 2 or 3 of these you can start utilising today. Start small and work your way up to all of them. I suggest start with sugary drinks and cutting down on starches. I give you a 100% guarantee that you will start seeing results within the first week. Good luck to your success and remember, “Don’t fail to plan”.