How many calories in your drink?

We live in a sunburnt country and what do we like on a hot, summer’s day?

We all like a cold refreshing alcoholic drink.

We have a boozy culture over here in Australia and it’s hard to pass on your mate asking you if you want a beer. What about work knock off drinks? It’s a nightly occurrence in some jobs. It’s just the way we live our life. We work hard and then we socialise around food and alcohol.

It’s all well and good, enjoying yourselves and living in the moment but I hate to be the bearer of bad news and tell you that all these alcoholic, sugary drinks are messing up your weight and fitness program.

Now I’m not a monster and am not telling you to give up the grog completely. I enjoy a good drink with my friends. Depends on my mood as to my drink of choice. Usually a white wine or vodka drink. However I am conscious of how many days I’m having a drink.

Sometimes I find it easier to be designated driver so I can easily pass up the offer of too many drinks and too many calories. Not to mention avoiding the next day’s hangover, which now I’m over 30 years old, my body and head just doesn’t handle it well.

My other main reason for you to cut down on the booze is to cut out extra calories you consume during and the day after your drinking session. Put your hand up if you’ve ever gotten Macca’s on your way home after a big night? My hand is up. In my teenage years, this used to be a standard weekend thing.

How many drunken calories have you eaten that you didn’t need?  Including a hangover greasy meal the next day. Now you can argue it wasn’t me, it was the booze. The scales and your blood sugar can’t blame the booze, they blame you!!


Now because I’m not telling you to give up booze, only to cut back.

Remember not all drinks are the same serving size, probably a smaller serve than you would think and the calorie value changes with the different kind of mixer you pick.

Let me give you the calorie facts on different drinks so you can make your smartest choice.


Vodka Shot – 70 calories

Whisky Shot – 90 calories

Whisky Shot – 90 calories

Champagne – 100 calories

White wine – 110 calories

Red wine – 110 calories

Beer – 140 calories

Vodka Cruiser – 173 calories

Beam and Coke – 190 calories

Cider – 190 calories

Espresso Martini – 285 calories


Now you know your drinks better, I wish you all the best for a magical summer. Please make sure you drink plenty of water in amongst your alcoholic beverages. 

I raise my glass and cheers you with my vodka, lime and soda in hand.