Tanna’s secret trainer tips for a flat stomach this summer

Do you find yourself wearing bagging tops to hide the little pot belly of yours?

Are you happy with results you’re getting around the rest of your body but still find your gut protruding over the top of your jeans?


You’re not alone. As a trainer this is one of the most asked questions I get; “Tanna, how do I get a flat stomach?”


Now as you now know you can not spot reduce anywhere on the body. Let’s quickly bust another myth straight away so you don’t waste your energy on it. All the ab exercises in the world will not give you those abs you’re dreaming of. You have that layer of belly fat over the muscle, so if you’re carrying a little extra abdominal fat or tend to bloat day to day, you will never see the results of the 1000 crunches you did this week.


So how do we try and target that stubborn belly fat and get you working towards a flat belly for this summer season?

Follow some of these proven tricks I give to clients to help give them a slim and sexy waistline, just in time for beach season.


Apple Cider Vinegar

There is a lot of evidence out there to suggest that having apple cider vinegar everyday can assist in removing digestive distress that we often get.


The acetic acid suppresses your appetite, increases your metabolism, balance blood sugar and reduces water retention. Scientists also theorize that apple cider vinegar interferes with the body’s digestion of starch, which means fewer calories enter the bloodstream.


Maybe the most important results of drinking apple cider vinegar everyday is the reduction of inflammation which will help prevent bloating.

You can have it in a glass of warm water or in salad dressings.


Reduce starchy carbs

Carbs are our bodies number one energy source. What happens when you consume all this energy and you don’t use it? It means you will store this energy. How about if we reduce these carb/energy foods? You body has to get your energy from somewhere else. It gets it from your fat stores. So consume less of the starchy variety of carbs. Bread, rice, potato and pasta. I bet you’ve heard this before. It’s not new information, it can just be tough picking meals without these carbs.


Train your body

You gotta move it to lose it!! Your body will definitely thank you for training. Go something a little more high intensity. Whether it be short intense sets of bodyweight exercises like we do here at Bailey’s Bodies Bootcamps or in the gym with heavy short sets to increase your muscle metabolism.


Eat well

This is a no brainer. Need I say more? Eat a diet rich in lots of natural , unprocessed foods. Mostly fruits and vegetables. Lean choices of meats and don’t forget to include your healthy fats.


Stay clear of late night snacks

Is this where you come undone? You’re not alone.

Plenty of my clients when they start with me are eating ok during the day but it’s the late night snacks sitting on the couch watching TV that are seriously ruining a perfectly good day otherwise.

Maybe you treat yourself after the kids go to bed. Maybe you’ve just made it a habit to pull out the Tim Tams when you’re watching your favourite show.

Cut out the extras in your diet and see how quickly your stomach will shrink.



Excess carbs and excess sugar the body just does not need. Alcohol is just wrong if you want a flat belly in so many different ways. It leads to excess calories, poor food choices and hung over poor choices and laziness the following day.

If you’re working your way to a flat belly reduce or limit alcohol straight away.


Chew your food slowly

Did your mum ever tell you to chew your food slowly? Well she was right, as she usually is.

Chewing your food slowly aids in the digestion process. Eating too quickly can lead to air swallowing which leads to bloating.

The other bonus with chewing your meal slower is that you won’t consume too many calories. If you eat really fast and inhale your meal, it takes a while for you stomach to register in food, therefore making it possible to overeat before you realise I’m so full, I feel sick.


Eat small meals throughout the day

By eating small regular meals throughout the day you are putting the processes in place to avoid ever getting hungry. Allowing yourself to get hungry can do some real damage. How many of you have ever been so hungry that all willpower goes straight out the window? I hope you all have your hand up right now.

Eating small meals consistently every 3 hours or so avoids hunger and keeps your metabolism raised , helping you burn more as the day goes on.


Stay away from high salt foods and bloating

Bloating isn’t all in your head. It is possible to carry extra water weight, particularly in your stomach. To beat the bloat, decrease your sodium intake. This means stay away from highly processed, highly salted foods, such as majority of snack foods.

It’s easy to start monitoring your sodium intake by reading food labels and take the salt shaker off the dining room table.

Limiting the amount of sodium you consume will help you reduce your water retention and look leaner in your clothes.


Drinks loads of water

Helps keep you fuller for longer to avoid overeating. Along with raising your metabolism. Go for cold water as it will raise it even higher.

Water will also aid digestion to help your body work like it’s supposed to and avoid that after dinner bloating. To find out more why water is so important , read my previous blog post.