Can you target specific areas of body fat?

Late night infomercials will tell you their AbSmasherTron 3000 will give you abs of steel for 5 easy payments of $19.95. If only it were that true…

Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that abs of steel take hard work and dedicated healthy eating.

There are no short cuts!

When it comes to reducing body fat, you cannot target specific body parts. Reducing bodyfat is a full body affair but there are the typical problem spots for people. Men will retain more body fat around their lower abdomens and women will retain body fat around their thighs and butts.

Here’s a great collection of photos which shows what body fat percentages you need to target to achieve the stomach you’re after:


All of these people achieved their bodies with consistent training and healthy eating habits.

If you’re working towards having a six pack, you need to reduce your body fat to reveal your abs. You’ll still need to be training your abs with a good series of core workouts. Variety is the key to all good workout routines, so please don’t punish yourself with 1,000 sit ups a night!

Train hard, eat well and work on reducing your overall body fat. Those abs will eventually reveal themselves. All good things take hard work, and it’s worth it!

That is, until I finish work on my AbSmasherTron 3000!