13 Ways To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Work!

Can you believe 2013 is here already? I hope you were spoilt with a fantastic christmas filled with loved ones, great times, and a festive holiday. No doubt most of you are bursting at the seams after a christmas filled with food and drink but now the New Year is upon us what is the best way to achieve our 2013 goals?

Keep reading and put these 13 reasons into place to ensure 2013 your slimmest, fittest year yet.

1. Don’t put it off
Don’t put it off. You’ve waited this long. Stop saying I’ll start monday or after so and so’s birthday. Start Today!

2. Set yourself achievable goals
It is a well proven fact that you much more succesful to have a goal to aim towards. Keep them simple and start with rtrt term goals. To see how to set attainable goals read our previous setting your fitness goals.

3. Get Help
Either grab a buddy or join a proven program such as Bailey’s Bodies to help you reach your desired results. We are there for the times you need a kick in the butt or to be held accountable just to make you show up.

4. Get rid of that quick fix attitude
Lets face it, it took you years to get this out of shape and it may take some time to achieve some changes. Don’t give up after 2 weeks, give yourself some time. It takes 3 weeks for you to notice change and 6 weeks for others to notice.

5. Step It Up
Do yourself a favour and grab a decent pedometer and start measuring your daily steps. 10,000 steps daily is a good starting target to start losing weight. It will be interesting to see just how many steps a normal day is for you. Less than you think, I bet.

6. Make exercise a habit
Let it be a part of your normal day to day routine. Have your bag packed and ready before work in the morning and eventually it should just become part of your day, or book in a walk with a friend for every thursday for example.

7. Eat 5-6 small meals per day
Start eating. I know it sounds crazy but a lot of overweight people are just not eating often enough. Plan out 5-6 small healthy meals per day. This will keep your metabolism firing which in turn will burn calories.

8. Choose a diet you’ll enjoy
If you don’t like a food, don’t make yourself sick by eating it. I learnt this tip a long time ago. I would just hate my life with certain diets that forced me to eat things I hatred such as broccoli and lots of fish. Make life easier by finding a suitable substitute. Be sensible and get as close as you can to the original ingredient.

9. Consistency is the key
This applies to all aspects in life, including exercise, eating, work, life and sleep. Routines are the key to success.

10. Keep a Food Journal
Show me and see for yourself. Maybe you didn’t realise you were having dessert every second day or those coffees with sugar are really starting to add up. Keep your food in check!

11. Brush your teeth after meals
Another favourite of mine. You all know that horrible taste of eating or drinking as soon as you’ve brushed your teeth. So go do it, lose the desire to keep eating.

12. Avoid reasons why we fail
The main reasons you will fail your new years resolution is because you’ve set too hard, unrealistic goals for yourself. Remember what I said before, keep it simple. The second reason is hunger. Who has stopped their diet because they just couldn’t take it anymore and finished up by gorging themselves? Stick to 5-6 meals a day and you shouldn’t get hungry.

Have an awesome, safe New Years and put these tips into place and I look forward to getting back into training with you Monday 14th January. For the last time in 2012, train hard.

Yours truly,

Tanna xoxoxo