Where to begin with a new weight loss program?

Of all the health, fitness and weight loss topics to pick from, which one should I begin our first blog with. I’m thinking more along the lines of when you start a fitness or fat loss regime what is the first step?

Well as a personal trainer I like to set clear defined goals in which myself and my client can work towards with an end target in site. If you’re working toward a target and setting dates to complete them by I guarantee your success rate will at least triple.

Now I prefer to set a number of different long and short term goals and cover a few health categories.

Example Goal

Long Term goal may be to lose 20kg by November and feel healthier and gain more energy in my life.

Your short-term goal for the first part of the journey would then be as follows.

  1. Lose 7kg in 7 weeks (set an actual date and have consequences for not reaching)
  2. Have weekly weigh in’s to track progress
  3. Build up to 1000 steps to 3 times a week by 4 weeks
  4. Run 1km without stopping
  5. Throw out fat clothes when I reach first 7kgs.

Do you get the idea?

Why set a goal?

Write your goals and get someone supportive (guys that’s me) to look and acknowledge your goals and then you have someone keeping you in check, therefore more likely to succeed.

Have you ever done this before, been true to yourself and set goals to actually follow through on.

I bet you haven’t, and I bet you worked really hard for a few weeks at the most and then didn’t really see any results and gave up, sound familiar?

Of course you would lose motivation, what was stopping you from stopping?

The answer is accountability. Your weigh in’s, your support crew and set dates are there to hold you accountable, to ensure you succeed where you never have before.

Now it’s your turn

So lets start from today and write down our new clearly defined goal. Long/short term, add a comment below and take your success a level stronger and let us hold you accountable with your new goal. We’re all here for each other.

We can help you kickstart your transformation by helping you choose realistic and achievable goals. Get started today and you’ll hit your goals in no time!

Yours truly,

Tanna xoxoxo