How Do You Stay Motivated?

Losing motivation is a real risk when training and it happens quite often. It can be caused by multiple things: training too much, not training enough, not seeing results or just not enjoying it. Here’s how you can maintain your motivation for the long term results you’re after.

Feeling Burnt Out

It’s important to notice when you’re burning out. If you notice a sudden drop in interest or motivation towards your training or healthy eating, then it’s possible you’re just burnt out. Maybe you need to stop pushing yourself so hard and give yourself a rest?

Firstly, taking time off training is perfectly fine!

Everyone needs a rest once in a while: that is, we can’t train at 100% effort for 100% of the time. We might be able to do it for a short while, or maybe a long while.. but eventually something breaks. Either mind or body breaks which can cause you to stop progressing or potentially go backwards.

This is obviously not good for us!

As much as I push myself and you hard in your training, rest is important! Even if you don’t stop completely but just slow down to de-load your body for a while, it can do wonders for your progress and your motivation levels!

So, when is the best time to rest? There’s no correct answer to this but I have noticed the two times when most people like to slack off rest is over the Christmas break and during the colder winter months.

If you’re feeling burnt out from training, talk to our trainers. They will be able to discuss your training schedule and current progress with you. If you need to take a couple of weeks of training, that’s okay!

Lack of Motivation

However, there’s the other side of the coin where perhaps you’re simply lacking motivation but you’re not burnt out? This is a more challenging situation to solve. Were you ever motivated? More importantly, what is your motivation? Do you want to increase your health, lose weight or improve your fitness?

Do you want or do you need to do these things?

Obesity and weight related health issues are a growing concern throughout Australia and the sooner we tackle these issues the better we (as individuals and a society) will be!

You need to know what is your driving force? Are health issues (overweight, or diabetes) your reason for wanting to train, or are they personal reasons (look good naked, or get that great beach body)?

Once you understand why you’re training, then it’s easier to motivate yourself to train.

Maintaining Motivation

Here’s a few tips to maintain motivation for long term training:

  1. Set realistic goals to strive for
  2. Remember why you started training and why need or want to achieve your goals
  3. Measure your progress and adapt your training and goals appropriately
  4. Be proud of your progress and give yourself a pat on the back or a high five (which is really just a clap)… whatever you choose, be proud of your achievements!
  5. Rest when you need to — don’t push yourself so hard that you burnt out
  6. Forgive yourself for your weak moments (chocolate cake can be irresistible at times, so it’s not your fault)
  7. Train with friends make your training fun!

If you feel you’re struggling with your motivation, make sure you talk to us! Whether you’re not achieving the goals you set for yourself, or struggling to push yourself to train hard, we can help!

I’ve fought a long battle with being overweight, and look where I am now! I know how hard motivation can be at times but so long as you remember why you’re training, and what you’re trying to achieve, you can get there!