Training During Winter Months

Winter is upon us and it’s time to start rugging up! Under the camouflage of baggy clothes and bulky jackets, no one will see that extra flab that starts to build up. Or so we think…

It can be tempting to slack off rest during winter but make sure you’re only resting and not being lazy. The cold weather can be very demotivating at times so it’s important to plan ahead and adapt accordingly.

Here’s my tips to make sure those cooler months don’t interrupt your training too much:

Dress warm
It might seem obvious but some people don’t dress appropriately for training in colder weather. It might be worth investing in some Skins/2XU thermal compression tights for additional warmth.

Don’t dress too warm
Remember, you’ll be exercising, running around and generating a lot of body heat! Make sure you wear layers, so you can take the extra layers off as you warm up.

Do a longer warm up

When it’s cold outside, it will take longer for you to warm up your muscles properly. Spend an extra 5 minutes warming up (light jogging, skipping, etc) before you get into your usual exercise routine.  If possible (and there’s no reason it isn’t), do extra foam rolling to get your body ready.

Listen to your body

When your body is not warmed up, you’ll notice those old, niggling injuries a lot more than usual. Make sure you pay attention to your body and warning signs for if you’re pushing your body too hard when it’s not ready for it.

Perform a good cool down

This should be done after every training session, but it’s more important during winter months (see above point). Make sure you’re doing a full body stretch, focusing extra on those sore or tight muscles.

Don’t Be Scared of Rain

We have a lot of rain over winter in Melbourne: it’s not going to kill you! Be prepared to toughen up and just train in the rain. If a little rain scares you away from training, then you have to ask yourself: how bad do you want to reach your goals?

If the rain really is an issue that stops you training, then you’ll be pleased to know our Ferntree Gully boot camp has an amazing undercover training area!

Make sure you warm up properly!

I’m listing this tip twice, because it’s so important. Spend that extra 5 minutes and make sure your body is really warmed up and ready for the training ahead.

We train rain, hail or shine, so we won’t be making excuses. We’ll see you out there to train all winter long, and I hope you’ll make the effort to join us!