How Much Weight Can You Lose in Six Weeks?

When it comes to setting goals, it’s important to have both short term goals as well as long term goals. Too many people become disheartened and lose interest in their training program because they’re so focus on a long term goal, that it seems impossible.

With that in mind, I encourage people to set a lot of short-term goals. These goals should be evaluated early and often, to make sure you’re making progress. A six week goal makes perfect sense. It gives you enough time to make a substantial change, but isn’t too long that it becomes demotivating.

From our experience we’ve seen members lose 5–12 kilograms in six weeks of hard training and disciplined, healthy eating. The results will vary depending on each individual’s circumstances; their weight, current fitness level and motivation levels.

You might be wondering what 5–12 kilograms looks like, and how much of a difference it makes. I can tell you that it makes a huge difference to someones appearance! Typically that kind of weight loss would mean a drop in 10–20 centimetres from their waist, or in other words: you’re going to need to buy some new clothes!

Here’s a few photos of our members and how much weight they’ve lost:

Allison Carter

“I have lost 10kg so far, have a lot more energy, and am feeling great.”

With balancing part time work, two demanding and active kids, my weight jumped rapidly after having my second child. Last year I turned 40, and my 7 year old son started to say "you should be healthier and fitter". He had a good point! I received my priorities and decided to make time for myself to enable me to be a better role model to my kids by eating better and exercising. I started by joining Bailey's Bodies Outdoor Training and have lost 10kg so far, have a lot more energy, and am feeling great. Now when my son looks at me, he says "you look skinny mum" with admiration in his voice.

Lisa Miller

“I just reached my goal of losing 11kg”

I just reached my goal of losing 11kg and my health has improved my blood pressure is now normal and I have come off medication due to my weight coming down and not feeling so stressed. Personally my self-esteem has risen as I feel like I'm back in control of things and I have made some great new friends through training. One of the most important things I have learnt is one bad day doesn't wreck the week. The trainers are so supportive and motivate you, every session is different and challenges you to do your best and to go that bit further when you would like to say enough then you walk away going wow I did that. Bailey’s Bodies goes the extra mile and has such a professional approach like having the emails, blogs and facebook pages and VIP members groups makes you feel like your not doing it alone.

Sue Bailey

“I have lost 10kg so far and completely changed my outlook on life. ”

The ongoing encouragement and support I get from Tanna far exceeds any gym or fitness group I have ever attended in the past. I have lost 10kg so far and completely changed my outlook on life.

Kathy P

“I was fortunate enough to give Bailey’s Bodies a call and life will never be the same again”

Despite my goal being to improve my fitness, I also had the added bonus of Tanna helping me with where my diet was going wrong, and encouraging me to not only get fit but change my lifestyle. To date, I have lost 20kg and 65.5cm, and have improved my fitness levels immensely, thanks to Tanna and her encouragement along the way.


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