The Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises

What are bodyweight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises are simple movements designed to workout various muscle groups using no extra equipment.

Not everyone has access to a bench press, barbells and dumbbells. This may be due to a limited budget, expensive gym memberships; or perhaps they’re locked up in a hotel room on holidays somewhere.

There are thousands of different body weight exercises and they can be performed almost anywhere with little to no equipment. As you improve your fitness and reach your weight loss goals, bodyweight exercises can be adapted to suit your ongoing improvements. By increasing the volume of training or reducing your rest duration, we can continue to use the same exercises to push your body.

Bodyweight Exercises can be adapted to suit your current fitness level

It is important to ensure that your current training matches your current fitness levels. Training too often or too hard can have negative impacts on your improvements and we want to prevent injuries. However if you’re not training hard enough to match your current level of fitness then you may not be achieving the goals you have set yourself.

While bodyweight exercises might appear to all be the same initially, we a little tweaking we can make them more difficult to suit the individual. Some examples include:

  • Increased sets/reps
  • Reduce rest time or frequency
  • Altering the range of motion to make the movement more difficult
  • Adding additional weights (such as a weight vest or ankle weights)

While the addition of a weight vest might go against the phrase “bodyweight exercises”, it is the next logical progression without needing to purchase expensive equipment. At our regular outdoor training sessions, we always bring additional equipment (such as weight vests) for the lucky, fitter people.

Here’s a sample of some of our favourite body weight exercises:

Pushup Variations

Everyone has seen pushups and most likely has done a few of themselves. They will often be shown in military movies, and with good reasons too! They’re a very simple exercise that provides a great workout for your entire body, targeting your chest, triceps and core strength.

When the humble standard pushup gets easy or perhaps you want to try something new, there’s hundreds of variations of pushups that you can incorporate into your workouts.

For those of you who’ve joined us for our outdoor training session you will have undoubtedly had to do various pushup variations as part of your workout.

YouTube has a massive collection of pushup variation demonstrations such as the one below:

Squats, Lunges & Step-Ups

When it comes to working out the lower body muscles, it can become more of a challenge. Your leg muscles are the strongest muscles in your body, and in order to properly work them, you’ll need to increase the weight, or decrease the rest periods between the exercises.

Some of the most common exercises we employ for targeting your legs are squats, lunges and step-ups. If you haven’t done any of these before, or you don’t consider them difficult, then please come join us for a training session so we can demonstrate how to put them to good use.


Burpees are everyones favourite exercise! This single exercise works out your entire body and is guaranteed to leave you feeling a little sore the next day.

The basic burpee movement can be seen in this video below:

There are plenty of variations for burpees based on how much of a challenge you’re after. Consider some of the following combinations to really test out your fitness:

  • Burpees with a squat jump
  • Burpees with a pull-up
  • Burpees with a clap push-up

You can already start to see how adaptable this exercise becomes.

Want to know more about bodyweight Exercises?

Bailey’s Bodies Outdoor Training relies on a combination of bodyweight exercises, cardio and weight-assisted training methods. Come down to one of our outdoor training sessions to see how effective this sort of training is. We’ve got plenty of satisfied customers who will attest to just how effective bodyweight exercises can be.