Night Time Ritual


How to help your sleep routine


Sleep is the key to life, right?

Well I know we feel like that most days anyway. This is because majority of us do not sleep enough.

Just like morning rituals set your day up for success, night time rituals help you to wind down, relax, and get a better night’s sleep.

This means you’ll be more likely to wake up rejuvenated, well rested, and with more energy! Most importantly, more motivation!

Do you yourself a favour and implement at least one of these into your bedtime routine.

Here are a few ideas to consider including in your bedtime ritual:

Herbal Tea – Instant relaxation.  (Just make sure it’s caffeine-free)  Herbal tea(I have green tea to assist weight loss) is great for helping your body relax and help you to fall asleep faster.  Maybe try and make this your new after dinner routine. May also help you stop reaching for the snacks.

Cozy Pj’s – Slipping into some comfy pyjamas can help your body feel more comfortable and lets the brain know it’s       getting close to bedtime. I personally can’t do this one. I’m not one to sit around in my pj’s ever.

Tidy Up — Mess means stress. Just a quick tidy up will help

Light Stretching – Stretching helps ease off the day’s stresses, alleviates sore muscles and helps you avoid feeling achy in the morning. Also helps start to calm the mind.

Find your Ideal Temperature – Choosing a cooler temp while sleeping helps you to sleep better and wake up more energized. Play around until your find your perfect number. I get hot while sleeping so I have to be able to kick a leg out.

Brush Signals to the body not only are you done eating (we all know that’s a good thing) but it’s your bedtime routine. Routine’s are the best in everything we do.

Read a Feel Good Book – Reading gets your imagination going and can set the tone for a good night’s sleep. Read something that makes you happy and will help you sleep with the right frame of mind. If I read I’m asleep within like 10 pages. Most times if I watch TV I’m awake for 2 hours minimum.

Listen to Calming Music – Setting your mind at ease is one of the most important tasks for settling down at night. Listening to something calming can help you relax. I’ve been having great success with listening to rain storms. Other sounds just don’t do it for me.

Write Your To-Do List for Tomorrow – My to do list is always a mile long. If you’re already being consumed with what’s on the agenda for tomorrow, jot down a few of the top things you need to get done, and forget about it for the night. You better believe I have numerous to do lists.

Put the technology away —  I’m guilty of constantly using technology and am trying to cut back. My goal is to read in bed instead of TV. I enjoy reading and want to get back into it anyway.


Your challenge this week is to create and follow-through with your night time ritual!


Including a vigorous workout during the day will help make you tired enough to fall asleep more easily. Jump over and read my training tip for exercising in winter.


Make sure to avoid: TV, computers, phones and stay away from late night eating. Go and brush your teeth!


Ready for some restful zzz’s?!

Are you in!?  


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