Spring Clean Your Life – A Complete Overhaul


Now that spring is here it’s time to spring clean your life. Now I don’t mean just get your usual spring motivation together to get some sort of fitness routine started as the fear of summer weather approaches.


Don’t you want that calm, organised I can tackle anything attitude that can help see you smash all personal, physical, family and career goals?


I’m talking about doing an entire spring overhaul.


Every aspect of your life can be addressed and cleansed to let you have a fantastic free feeling of being on top of your life, which lets all admit can sometimes be in shambles.


What specifically am I talking about?


How about things in the home, such as;



It’s time to give you fridge, pantry and even tupperware cupboards the dreaded clean out.


Throw away all the out of date food products like flours and spices that are a couple of years out of date that you never cook with.


Get rid off the 35 drink bottles in the corner cupboard, where you only actually use 2 of them.

Clean all the yucky dust bunnies from behind the fridge and give everything a good soapy wipe down.



The same thing can be done to your wardrobe.


Donate a garbage or two (or some of my friends 10) to the salvation army or your local op shop. I just did this and it feels so nice to have organisation in my life. I can just breathe easier.


You don’t have to be as anal as me and have your clothes hung up in a colour coded manor.

Doesn’t it feel good just thinking about it?


Bad Habits

This one has been needed to be done for a long time. Now’s the time to get cracking on kicking any bad habits to the curb. Whatever is your bad habit. We all have them!


Cleanse your life and body and get rid of the bad things. Read more about incorporating healthy habits into your life in my previous blog post.


For some of you it may be junk food, chocolate, alcohol, smoking, sitting on your ass, being lazy, being unsociable, not drinking enough water.


What’s your bad habit?



You can even spring clean your friends. Now you might be think what is she talking about?

We all have these people in our life that are just drainers. They suck the life out of you.

Ask yourself; do I need them around me?


Some you can’t avoid (sorry those of you with life sucking mother in laws)


I actually really detest having people around me that really have a negative attitude on life.

You know the ones I’m talking about. You fear to ask them how they are, as you know you are going to have a 30 min woah is me reply. I’m talking about those people where this is their attitude 24/7.


I’m sorry but I don’t need that. Call me a bad friend, I don’t mind. My true friends I can tell them to suck it up and things will get better and to stop whining.

I choose not to surround myself with these type of people if I have a choice.


The other friends you may need to take a break from are the enablers.

Now it might be that you are that enabling friend. Please stop this bad habit.


I’m talking about the friends that are a bad influence and you can’t not eat crappy food around them. You may hang out with them knowing that you will order a pizza and have a few wines on a Saturday night. You always know you’re in for a fatty feast.


All I’m saying is choose your friends wisely. Find someone that’s going to help hold you accountable to your goal.


Hang out more with those friends that are active and your socialising revolves around doing the 1000 steps on a Saturday morning and then getting poached eggs at a breakfast stop on your way home.


I’m not saying drop those friends just choose your socialising wisely. Particularly while you’re trying to overhaul your spring.


Find some new like minded friends at bootcamp. At the end of the day we’re all there for the same goals. Why not make some new friends along the way?


Not just as a trainer but as a person I feel that organisation is the key to being successful. Organise your life and special things may just happen.