Motivation – That elusive son of a bitch.

You either have it or you don’t.


Sometimes you can find it, if only for the briefest of moments.

We all want it.

What are we talking about?


That elusive son of a bitch that can will make or break our fitness and weight loss goals.


We all know it can be hard to find and easy to lose.


So what do you do when you literally have no motivation?

How do you find it?


Let’s find yours right now.

Let’s list some of the main factors that can affect your motivation levels and we we can do to help them.



It can really make or break your day. Quit bitching about how tired you are. No one cares. Whether it’s kids or late TV nights. We’re all tired!


Food/Nutrition – Ever eaten like crap for more than a week straight and just felt like shit afterwards? You really are what you eat. Pump your body full of all the good stuff.

It’s like you’ll have pure gold running through your body.

Fuel your body and get the energy to exercise.


Exercise – It’s simple. Find something you like to do. If you hate the gym, then don’t go to the gym. If you love to dance then thats your avenue to get you motivated and get you starting. Maybe you loved playing basketball when you were younger. Join a team as an adult. If you like it, you’ll go back and this consistency will give you results which only amps up your motivation even more.


Home//Work Environment – Affects your motivation and energy levels in every single way. Fail proof your environment. Be vocal that you want to change your habits and get support from your loved ones. They might want to even join you.


Social Circle – We’ve all got those friends that we eat more crap around. We’ve all got those fit friends that we do more activities around. Hang out with like minded people.

If you want to get healthy habits, hang around those people. If you want to earn a million dollars, start hanging around millionaires.


Work/Life balance – When you face the daily grind sometimes you just can’t be [email protected]*ked exercising. Try working out in the morning. It’s really hard on cold winter days to go do something after work or after kids go to bed.

Or hire a personal trainer. You have that appointment just for you that you can’t miss. Therefore results!


Kids – Sometimes you just don’t have the time to workout whilst dealing with everyday life with kids. Other times your kids actually make you be more physically active.

Great incentive anyway.

When it comes down to it you want to be around forever for your kids, but your not willing to get off your ass?


Music– You would be surprised how much an awesome playlist can get you in the mood. Find one that makes you pumped and gets the blood flowing. For me it’s a bit more heavy metal to get my adrenaline going. One song can totally pump me up.


So now we’ve address maybe why you’re lacking motivation, let’s talk more about a couple of ideas to get you more motivated today.


Let’s break down and create some mini goals.

Look no further than “one meal, one workout, one day”.

Treat it like your new mantra.


If you’re struggling to find your mojo, then break it down to something that is more appealing to you. That is one workout.

Don’t think too much about the 12kg you want to lose.  

Who can be bothered, right?

Instead take baby steps and just look ahead to achieve just one workout. Look only to your next meal and no further.


In the same train of thought don’t look ahead and think I’ve got 12kg to lose and I’m already sick of eating this healthy food. Don’t look too far ahead as it can be very offputting. Only plan one meal ahead. You can eat healthy for this next meal.


One workout, one meal and one day is doable.

Do you agree with me so far?


One way to get your butt into gear is to register for an event. Doesn’t have to be hardcore. Maybe just a local 5km fun run. You don’t even have to run. It’s great to register because it gives you a deadline and may force you into training for this event.

I work very well with deadlines, maybe you do too.


Lastly and I know I’m biased but enlist the services of a personal trainer. We are actually trained to get and keep you guys motivated.


You’ve tried it year after year by yourself and got nowhere? Maybe you’re even further away from your goals than you were a year ago.


Let me leave you with these wise words.

Get help from the professionals.

Our training family at Bailey’s Bodies is what keeps us motivated during winter.

It’s not even the exercise. It’s the social aspect that keeps people coming back.


Let me leave you with that little nugget for the rest of the day.

Now that you’ve read this, I hope it’s helped you even get the littlest of motivation sparks flying.


What to do now?

I want you to email me with 2 changes you are going to implement immediately to change your habits and try and gain some motivation. I’m in the office a fair bit today just waiting to ehar from you.


Good luck guys


Need some help getting motivated? Send me an email today and I’ll give you a call.