Don’t Start a Diet, Change Your lifestyle

The word diet has been thrown around so much in recent times that it’s really lost all meaning. Far too many people think of a diet as a quick fix to a long term problem.

Sure, you can go on a healthy diet for a few weeks, or maybe a month or two. You might notice some results, you might even look amazing… for a while.

If you think of your healthy eating as a short term diet, then you’ll do nothing to fix any long term problems you have.

A lot of people end up yoyoing their way up and down the scales. They diet and eat well for a few months, become satisfied with what they’ve achieved and assume they can now stop eating healthy.

Six months later, they end up making another plan: to go on a diet. Again.

We all need to think of healthy eating as a long term lifestyle change. Educate yourself on how to eat healthy, start good eating habits, and stick to them!

A lifestyle change will stick with you for a lot longer. The health gains associated with the new, healthy lifestyle are far more important and enjoyable than living a lazy life built around home delivered pizzas.

A lifestyle change does not have to involve drastic changes to your lifestyle either! Try some of these simple things — they all add up to a healthier life!

  1. Start riding to work and leave the car at home
  2. Visit your local green grocers and stock up on healthy fruit & vegetables
  3. Commit to eating 2–3 pieces of fruit a day
  4. Reduce your consumption of take away food and bring your healthy lunch to work
  5. Walk the dog every night — it’s a great stress reliever and your dog will love you even more
  6. Challenge your friends to a body-fat loss contest (and if you need someone to judge the winner, I’ll help you out)

The lifestyle improvements don’t need to be huge to make a difference. Every little bit helps out. You’ll start to notice yourself looking fitter, feeling better, feeling less stressed, and there’s nothing more motivating than seeing progress!

So, who’s with me? Who wants to ditch the fad diet and work on improving their lifestyle for the long term?