Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

Whether you’re trying to get the Ryan Reynolds 18 pack or the shapely body of Jennifer Lawrence, there’s one thing for sure: abs are made in the kitchen!

The internet is littered with so much lies, false promises and blatantly incorrect information! The Six Minute Abs program (and the multitude of others) is not going to get that six pack you’re after unless you sort out your eating first! Everyone wants to know how to get a six pack, so here’s how you start working towards finally getting those abs you want?

First Steps Towards a Six Pack

The most important thing, more important than crunches and situ ps, and cardio is reducing your body fat! Depending on what sort of six pack you’re after, you should have specific body fat targets in mind.

To achieve a decent six pack men should aim for below 10% body fat and women should aim for less than 15% body fat.

Keep in mind, these are guidelines and everyone will be different.

I do have to point out, that while we’d all like to have that amazing six pack, it comes with a lot of dedication and consistency. Starving yourself might help you drop body fat quickly but it’s only a short term fix, with long term (negative) consequences.

If you’re unsure of what you should be eating, and what your nutritional targets should be, get in touch with one of our personal trainers who can point you in the right direction and provide you with a healthy eating program.

Develop Your Core Muscles

While it might seem like a good idea to do 1,000+ ab crunches a day, you will have limited results. The body will adapt to the exercises you repeat often, and your results will suffer as a consequence.

Variety is the key to progress!

How many ab exercises can you think of? Two, five, ten? I can name over fifty, and we do them regularly at our boot camps. As I’ve mentioned before, variety is the key for both your mind and body.

Work On All Your Muscles

With the exception of only a few isolation exercises, most of the time you should be working your core while doing exercises. Compound exercises are a perfect example of this, and they’re awesome for fully body strength and conditioning.

If you focus on improving your overall body strength, conditioning and wellness, naturally your ab muscles will improve over time as well.

There’s no point having an amazing six pack if you’ve got scrawny legs or arms, so work your entire body, and you’ll look great as a result.

Want That Summer Six Pack?

Want to have an amazing beach body? Want a six pack for summer? Here’s my free advice:

Start training now! Don’t wait until 6 weeks before summer starts!

You’ve got 5 months to work on it if you start now, and you can achieve a lot more in 6 months than you can in 6 weeks!