8 Surefire Tips To Get That Beach Body in the Middle of Winter

Do you want to Kick winter’s cold ASS and dominate your health, fitness and weight loss goals this year?

Raise your hand if ever you’ve completely stopped working towards your goals for the entire winter months of the year?

Please keep your hand raised, if you do this every single year?

It’s so easy to say “No” to cold weather, to the chance it might rain, to frizzy hair. Saying “no” is the easy way out. It takes no effort, discipline or mental strength. Saying “yes” is just as easy when it comes to staying indoors, hitting the snooze button, skipping exercise “just once” (every day). When you combine these bad habits with bad eating, it’s even worse. “Yes, I want a pizza, with beer.. And some ice cream after that. I’ll exercise… tomorrow”.

It’s easy to fall into these bad habits, and the results will shown.

You don’t need me to tell you that the extra eating and less moving will cause an energy imbalance (a nice way of saying “you will get fat!”). Yet no one seems to mind that for 3–6 months of the year you are completely ignoring your health and fitness goals.

Did you ever wonder why you work so hard to lose weight in the months leading up to summer? It’s because of summer’s mean friend: Winter.

Fitness, health and weight loss is a 12 month goal. It is not a six months training in the sunshine, followed by six months of binging on Netflix and eating everything in sight! Before you know it, summer will be just around the corner, and you’ll need to start again, hoping to fit into something that resembles bathers.

Don’t worry, there is some good news. I’m here to tell you 8 surefire tips to getting a beach body, even in the middle of winter. No more switching off for 3 to 6 months. These easy tips to make sure you stay strong 12 months.

When we’re done you will have no reason but your own motivation powers stopping you from achieving everything and anything this winter.

Be Accountable

I know you’ve heard it over and over, but there is a reason for it. Make someone hold you accountable to your goals. I can’t stress that enough and this is why I’ve put it down as the first tip.

If you hold yourself accountable to your own goals, more likely than not you will let yourself down. You’ve done it before. We’ve all done it before. You better believe that if my members are asking me to hold them accountable for their goals, they are definitely not skipping their winter workouts or putting on the winter bellies. If I don’t weigh them in regularly, do you think they would care what their weight creeps up to every winter? No, but I do, I care very much.

A big reason I’m harping on more about training than nutrition is because you can’t have one without the other. Start training and I guarantee you will start eating better. If you’re not training, then there you’re probably not eating healthy either.

Request a free 7 day trial and I’ll gladly hold you accountable for both training and nutrition.

Find a Training Buddy

This kinda follows on from my first tip but works very well. Find yourself a good workout buddy. It could be anyone: partner, sister, dad, kids, friend, team sports, gym, fitness class, personal trainer, bootcamp.

Now not every workout buddy is created equally. Some are excellent and will make sure every night that you’re all set to meet them after work tomorrow. While, others can have a negative impact when the two of you get together.

Choose a friend that you can rely on, and someone you know will not let you skip a workout to sit on the couch with a pizza. You can be each others motivation and discipline. If one of you falters, you know the other is there to keep you moving forward. Don’t let your friend down or take steer them away from their goals.

Get Motivated

This is a tricky one. It’s actually very hard to be self-motivated. Duh, the whole reason I’m writing this blog post is because it’s hard to stay motivated during winter. My biggest tip for motivation is to set small clear goals, and your motivation will increase as you tick off each goal.

It might be as simple as: “I’m going to go for a walk twice this week. Monday and Thursday work best for me, so that’s what I’m aiming for.”

Two weeks later you’ll be feeling fantastic and have made every walk you promised yourself.

“This week I’m going to keep up my walks and aim to only have one cheat meal when I go out on Saturday night.”

Success, again! You have to try and create motivation for yourself and set small achievable goals.

If you set an unrealistic goal of going to the gym 5 days this week and you don’t go even once, then you’ve failed. Your motivation will be completely gone and you will give up. Sound familiar?

The goal is too large and unrealistic. Set a small goal and then build motivation while increasing your goals. Easy right?

Get into the Right Mindset

Getting the right mindset is different to motivation. You must change the way you think and tackle your health and fitness goals (your mindset) if you’re to achieve your results.

Your current mindset is what we’ve spoken about earlier. That it’s okay to take every single winter off. Stop telling yourself “it’s okay”, because it’s not! That’s your current mindset, and it needs to change.

Shift your mindset to a healthier all year round goal. Bring a different approach to your goals in winter. It’s okay if you’re a little more relaxed, you don’t need to aim for perfection or have an all or nothing attitude. Your new mindset is linked to your new motivation. Just start with two sessions per week and build from there.

Dress In Layers

Take it from someone that works outside 12 months of the year running bootcamps: dress in layers! It can be very cold waiting around for a workout to start or walking from your car to the gym, so dress in layers.

Peel your layers off as needed and don’t let the cold weather bother you again. If you train outside like we do, the easy solutions for those who feel the cold are training gloves and ear warmer headbands.

Trust me, come to one of our bootcamps, and I’ll have you down to your singlet in five minutes, even if it’s only 2° weather outside.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm (Work out in the morning)

Can you trust yourself to commit to your winter workout plan? If you answered no, then morning workouts are a must for you. It needs to become routine that you get up in the morning and have everything organised to make your early workout happen.

I know you’re the type of person to talk yourself out of after work training. You’ve got about 10 hours of your day to talk yourself out of it. Let’s be honest, you need to train in the morning and get it over and done with. It also gets you core temperature warmed up, pumped and ready for a full day’s action.

Find Some Winter Friendly Recipes

Do your food habits change in winter? You bet they do. Gone, out of the fridge are all the low carb, crunchy summery salads that go so well with a piece of lean meat. Once the salads are out, your fridge gets filled with the nice, tasty, carb heavy filled comfort food. You do it, I do it. So let’s change our patterns.

Get yourself a collection of recipes with your health, fitness and weight loss goals in mind. You can eat your warming winter dishes but be prepared with alternatives. My new favourite is Bangas and Mash, using kanga bangas and cauliflower mash to replace the very high fat, high carb traditional ingredients. Real healthy comfort food. So easy right?

Move To Music

This brings me to the last surefire tip. Picking the music makes all the difference, and it starts with my morning alarm tone. I personally am really enjoying listening to Kanye to pump me up lately (love the music, not the man). My alarm song to wake me up at the moment is Black Skinhead by Kanye. Check it out and see what wakes me up early, every single morning. Music can make all the difference during your workout. It’s amazing the effect music has on mood. To me strong powerful, loud songs do the job. Lots of metal, Metallica are my favourite. A bit of rock and I love rapping out to Kanye or Eminem to a workout. Find whatever works for you and use it!

I think it’s clear that we all have some bad habits that we need to break. Being dedicated throughout winter is a pivotal one. You’ve learned more about your self sabotage and what you can do to change it. It’s so clear. Training consistently through winter could just be, the one change that finally sees you getting much closer to and beating your goals. Go back and have another serious read over my 8 surefire tips to get a beach body in winter and let’s reach your goals one day at a time, 365 days of the year.

Are you guilty of only training 6 months of the year? Speak up, I bet there’s a lot of you.

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