Post Holiday Weight Loss

Who here is lacking motivation after the last few weeks of lazing around eating all day? You? Well just snap out of it!!!

Almost a month since the festivities began its time to call it a day. With packing up your Christmas tree lets get rid of all our bad habits as well.

If you’re like me you still have excess food lying around at home. Give it away or throw it out, just get it out of your craving reach.

With packing up your Christmas tree lets get rid of all our bad habits as well.

This is what you need to tell yourself; Holidays are over. Well you can procrastinate again for the 5th year in a row and say I’ll wait till summers over or I’ll wait till the kids go back to school.

I want you to get up out of your chair right now. That’s you the one reading this and call, text or email a friend to setup your very next walk or meet up at the 1000 steps or even a zumba class if that’s what gets you going.

What about spicing things up; with something new. Ever tried swimming or cycling or even some kickboxing classes. There’s nothing better than doing a new activity to find the fun side of exercise and get those excess calories burning off.

If you set up a workout time your not going to break it. The hardest thing about getting back into exercise is that very first session, and the hardest part is getting there in the first place.

Meet your friend, have some fun and get your blood pumping…

Not so hard, was it?

Stretch it out to reduce muscle soreness and the next day the routine begins again.

Now the next step is getting some normalcy back into our kitchens. As I said before lets get back into clean healthy eating. Can you feel your body craving a healthy diet again? Who out there feels fat and bloated and just generally blah? Low energy? Sleepy?

It’s your nutrition. Lets get back into grilled meats/fish and salads and start eating proper meals without all those high fat, high sugar Christmas treats that have become a daily occurrence.

Weight loss can be easy with routine, so get the whole family to participate with cooking and family workouts.

When I talk to you again in about a weeks time life will just seem easier. Your energy will be back and those pants that were getting tight have relaxed a bit.

Set yourself a workout goal for this week and achieve.

Yours truly,

Tanna xoxoxo