Is your gym membership sabotaging your weight loss?

You have the best fitness intentions. You’re so motivated that nothing is going to stand in your way. You make the decision to join your local gym and carve up a new body for yourself. You tell yourself that this is going to be your year and finally you’re going to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals you’ve desired for so long.

Your gym runs a New Year’s discounted membership so you and your friend go down and join up together. You’ve never been so pumped before to start an exercise program.

You and your gym partner are so keen to get stuck in that you have your first workout then and there when you sign up.

You make a pact that you are going to go everyday. And you do, for the first week that is.

The first week you guys go everyday, you check out some fitness classes and move along every piece of equipment trying to figure out how to use it, really you don’t have a clue and copy someone else. I cringe at this as you don’t know if the person you’re copying is doing it right. Most of you don’t know what muscle group each machine uses, but that doesn’t bother you as you’re just going to use everything.

You take a stroll on the treadmill while you and your mate catch up on your weekly gossip session. Never really breaking a sweat as your chat is more of a priority. But hey, you’re on the treadmill right, so it counts as cardio.

Woo Hoo!!, Success you made it every day week one. Your muscles are sore, so it’s got to be doing something, right?

Week two hits and you hit snooze one too many times in the morning so you miss the gym and decide to go after work. You pack your gym bag and take it along while you telling yourself you’ll go straight after work. 2pm hits and you start getting a little tired. Your mum calls and invites you guys over for dinner. Of course you’re going to say yes (who wouldn’t?). You tell yourself it’s ok to skip gym tonight and you’ll just go tomorrow.

The next day you meet your gym buddy out the front of the gym but can’t be bothered doing a class (they will make you work harder than you want to) so you both jump on bikes next to each other. A nice pace pedaling for the next 20 mins along with a few sit ups is the extent of your workout and you high five each other as you head to the change rooms to get your stuff ready to leave.

The following day you get a text msg still half asleep that your friend has bailed on your morning gym session. You lie there for 5 seconds asking yourself if you should still go. Nah, I’ll sleep in now but go tonight.

You do end up going that night but by yourself. The evening gym is packed and very intimidating trying to work out those machines with all those big boys watching your every move. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself on the gym floor.

You decide 10mins each on the rower, bike and treadmill will be sufficient. You congratulate yourself and another workout (as a trainer I’m here to tell you that 30mins of that style of cardio did jack shit, sorry).

Another day off the next day. Your friends bailed again and you’re too sore, too tired, no time, can’t be bothered. I forget which excuse.

Week three comes around and you finally make it into the gym by Thursday. It’s hard when you’re not to sure what you’re doing in there.

You don’t make it in again that week.

Week four, you don’t go to the gym at all. Not in week five or week six either.

To cut a long story short in a 365 day gym membership you went 14 times. How’s that cheap gym membership treating you now?

Does this sound familiar?

I am certainly guilty of this in previous years.

Do you know why this story is the story of 90% of gym goers? The pure fact is that gym memberships just don’t work.

I can sit here and give you many reasons but it all comes back to ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

A gym does not hold you accountable if you miss your workouts. Not go there for 3 months and not one single phone call to say Miss Jones, we’ve noticed you haven’t been training, is everything ok?

I used to work at a big box gym and without giving names used to be known as Finance First. They used to count on members signing up and never following through on their membership.

It’s just that simple you need to be a part of a program that holds you accountable. It’s hard to count on a friend because you both lose interest within the first month.

All my clients receive a call after one week of no attendance. I really notice when they miss their training sessions. I get their butt to training so they get results. It really works. It’s hard to lose weight and get fit. That’s why people come to the professionals like myself to make it happen. I do have a job for a reason. Accountability works.

That’s why your gym membership is sabotaging you. I don’t need to say anymore. Now it’s up to you to realise where you’re going wrong.