2017, the year of you and your health!!

With life flying by at an alarming rate you need to ask yourself this one important question. When is it going to be your time?

Christmas and now New Years has come and gone in the blink of an eye and you find yourself contemplating starting a fitness regime, only to have your child start a new, after school activity and zip, there goes your time and plan before it even got under way.

Now I know it’s so easy to be pushed to the back of the families priority list. Most especially you mothers out there. I have been personal training clients just like you for the past 12 years. Clients who care about everyone else but themselves.

What I am here to specifically tell you today is that it’s not alright anymore.
It’s not alright that you neglect your weight and your health  because you’re too busy with other aspects of yours and your kids lives.

Someone has to make you snap out of that thought process and that someone is me. Today!!

I think the main point that can’t escape your attention is; what happens if something happens to you? Does the family suffer and fall apart because you’re not around to pick up after them, run around to sports or put dinner on the table by 6pm?

The answer is yes it can fall apart.
Let me ask you another question. What if your continual avoidance of weight loss and fitness programs can lead to something pretty bad like diabetes? You have 100% neglected your own life and health for those who surround you. How would your family feel about you getting seriously ill?

This is just not acceptable and it’s time to snap out of that train of thought. I’m here to tell you that by you improving your weight and health can have very positive impact on you and the entire family.
Picture this. The whole family is eating better, you all have energy and now actually do family things like bike rides and walk the dog on the weekends. How nice does that sound? If you’re like my clients, the kids come along to bootcamp and get to see their parent working out everyday. Believe me that kids copy. If you lead and active life, they copy. If you sit on your ass, they copy.

What sort of life do you want your children to have?

One more piece of advice from my years of training clients is that I do find that magical age is around 40. It is so much harder to get the easy results when you get older. So please take it from me, start something right now!!!

This blog is more a shout out to get you starting to think about more than just your weight. One thing I realise after being a trainer for so long, is that it’s not about weight. It’s about health.

Make 2017 the year that you focus and stick to a healthy lifestyle change that you can upkeep. No use going on a strict diet you only stick to for 3 days. Longevity is what’s needed. I suggest pick 2 things you can change immediately and go from there. Such as I’m not going to eat any sugar today. Start small and build from there. It would do you well to read an earlier blog I wrote, Spring clean your life – A complete overhaul. A great place to start in making small life changes.

I know you can do it, now for you to realise that.

I’m here if you need me


-Tanna xx