Bailey’s Bodies Spartan Team Results

14 kilometres, twenty-five obstacles, mud, dirt and determination: and our team smashed it!

When I first decided to build a personal training business, I had a lot of goals in mind, and this event ticks one of those events off! I knew from the start, that I wanted to make Bailey’s Bodies a team-based, friendly and supportive community: a fitness family. Our first (and not the last) Spartans Challenge team goes a long way to demonstrate how far Bailey’s Bodies has grown from it’s humble beginnings.

The hard work, team effort and fun we had on the day, and in the many training events leading up to the day, truly demonstrate how amazing our family is, and I could not be any prouder of you guys!

The Spartans Challenge itself was hard work, painful, and took guts and determination to finish, but we had great fun doing it! It does make me wonder, how did I get so lucky and land this dream job?

Here’s some of the things our team had to say about the event!

Where do I start??

For me the experience was terrifying yet exhilarating. Without my team there was absolutely no way I could have done the spartan challenge let alone completed it.  To me that’s testament to the great vibe from baileys bodies. Every single person at baileys is there to help each of us achieve our goals no matter how small. Spartans and our spartan team has made me so proud and determined to continue the little changes.

— Bianca D

Running the Spartan race as a Bailey’s Bodies team was one of the best experiences in my life.  I didn’t think that I could do it but with Bailey’s Bodies Spartan training sessions, I felt more confident and fitter.  The training sessions were challenging, motivating and above all heaps of fun.  The team was so encouraging, and always there to give me a boost over the tall walls, or carry me out of the water hahaha, and I couldn’t have done it without them.  The best fun was doing every obstacle as a team, and no one was left behind.  The Spartan race is one of the biggest accomplishments for me and I can’t wait to do it again with trainer Damian and the awesome Bailey’s Bodies team.
— Billie R

Great fun, most encouraging, supportive team you could ask for. Best mates!

— Andrea M

The feeling of adrenalin pumping through my body, combined with butterflies on steroids going nuts in my stomach, not to mention  a complete sense of the unknown, was quite simply, believe it or not, absolutely FANTASTIC!!!  I have never felt such a part of a real workingTeam before.  To be able to step outside of my comfort zone alongside some amazing people and team mates, was one of the best decisions I have made since catching the Bootcamp bug!!!. It was an honour to be part of Team Baileys Bodies for the Spartans challenge and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

— Georgina L

The Spartan Spectacular was awesome.  The training leading up to it was challenging yet fun.  The actual event was tough but unbelievably rewarding.  To complete the course as the biggest team competing is a testament to the Bailey’s Bodies team.  Finishing the course with a great bunch of people and a trainer who got the absolute best out of everyone was simply put…….awesome.  Everyone crossed the finished line and whilst not everyone enjoyed the coconut water the feeling of joy and sense of accomplishment was rewarding enough.  Anyone thinking of doing it next time, get on board.  You may not be confident as an individual but as a member of the Bailey’s Bodies team there is nothing you can not achieve!  Remember you compete and you will receive a medal and more importantly a Spartan nickname!

— Dale R

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