The 12 Days of Outdoor Activities

Now that summer has finally arrived, it’s time to completely lose those bad winter habits. Get outside, move more and have some fun!

Some people mistakenly believe that getting fit and having fun are incompatible goals, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Getting fit doesn’t have to involves hours of boring running on a treadmill, so try out something new this summer.

Here’s our suggestions for some fun things to do this summer!

Run the stairs at 1,000 Steps National Park

We’re blessed to have some great national parks around Australia, and we’ve got the 1,000 steps practically in our backyard! It’s popular with the locals and tourist, so it’ll be busy on the weekends, but that’s part of the fun! Get a group of you together and start walking (or running if you’re up for it).

Make sure you take a bottle of water with you, because it can get very hot and you won’t be able to buy drinks there. If you want to avoid the crowds (and heat), try to get there early in the morning and start your day well!

Explore Nature With Some Hiking

If you’re after a bit more adventure with some longer distances, why don’t you head down to Wilsons Promontory? Tidal River camping ground is easily accessible and for that reason can get quite busy. Challenge yourself by getting your tents and a hiking pack and spend a few days hiking around the prom. The nature down there is amazing so you won’t regret it!

Kayaking With Dolphins and Seals

I’m sure you’ve seen videos of kayakers paddling through river rapids and wanted to experience that rush, but let me tell you: it’s damn hard work!

So, before you decide to take on a Class VI (extreme) river rapid, I suggest you start off with something a little easier and far less dangerous!

Sea Kayaking is great fun and can be an awesome workout! Explore the bay and try find some new aquatic friends along the coastline of the Mornington Peninsula.

Two On Two, or Five on Five

Keep things simple and organise a friendly (or not so friendly) game of basketball or soccer. It’s free, social, and great fitness!

There are plenty of local playgrounds and schools with basketball rings so all you need is a basketball and some friends. A game of soccer is even easier if you do what I did in school: use someone’s jumpers or whatever you can find to mark the goalposts. Just remember to call you own fouls and keep it friendly!

Remember, it’ll be hot over summer so plan ahead and take an esky with some ice and cold drinks with you. Of course, I recommend cold water for hydration, but that’s up to you to decide.

Spend Time With Your Favourite Four Legged Friends

You know they’ll love getting outside and exploring all those parks. It’s free and great for destressing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a five minute walk around the block, or an hour long adventure around Lilydale Lake. Just remember to take a bottle of water and make sure your four legged friend has something to drink too.

Of course, I assume you have access to a dog or well-trained goat* to walk, but if you don’t, I’m sure your friends would be happy to make an event of it.

* My friend has a pet goat, which is why I mention alternative four legged friends. I’ve also seen people taking their pet ferrets for a walk, so anything is possible!

Organise a BBQ

Just get off the couch and be social. Invite your friends over for a BBQ, and prepare some healthy salads. I’ll be sharing some healthy salad recipes over the coming weeks, so make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter and following us on Facebook.

Once everyone has eaten enough of your amazing barbecue chicken and healthy salads, get physical! Grab the footy and have a kick, or have a game of backyard cricket — just try not to break any windows!

Slip, Slop, Slap… and Spike!

A hidden gem during summer are the huge volley ball tournaments that are run at the St Kilda beach. Beach Volleyball is a great workout, and any type of running in sand is going to do wonders for your leg muscles. Just remember, sore muscles are good, sore sunburn is definitely not good. So remember to slip, slop and slap… And if you can get into position, spike that ball for the win! Just remember, it’s only a game!

You can organise a team of 4+ players or show up on the night to join a random team.

Try Indoor Rock Climbing

If you’re interested in giving your arms a really good work out, then you definitely need to try rock climbing. Hardrock Rock Climbing in Nunawading is a short drive and are always happy to get you started. It’s a great workout, and great fun! Get a few of your mates together and organise a few hours after work to give it a shot.

It might sound scary, but it’s completely safe, and it’s damn satisfying when you finally manage to get to the top of the wall! Just be prepared for some very sore arms the next day.

Ride the Tour de Melbourne

I’m not sure whether Melbourne can compare to the Tour de France in terms of distance but we’ve got more than enough bike paths to keep you entertained this summer. Melbourne has over 1,900km of bike paths, so dust off your bike and start exploring.

Cycling is a great form of low impact cardio, so try to mix up your training regime with some cycling. You don’t need an ultra expensive racing bike (or the lycra suit for that matter). Grab your bike, pump up the tyres, and work out a route to ride.

If you’re feeling up to it, you can ride down to the coastline and get some great views for an afternoon!

Try out  Lawns Bowls

Lawn Bowls has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent times, and it’s probably got a lot to do with the movie Crackerjack. Lawn Bowls is definitely one of the easier suggestions on this list, but not everything has to be 100% full speed, power and fitness.

Lawns Bowls is something most of us probably haven’t done, but it’s a good excuse to enjoy some sun, and spend good time with friends. You might just get lucky, and find those genuine 1972 prices for beer.

Try Your Luck at 18 Holes

We have all played a few rounds of mini golf in our lives, but there isn’t too much exercise involved in such small courses. It might be time to give a full golf course and see if you’ve got what it takes to join the PGA tour.

A typical round of 18 holes of golf will involve at least 8 kilometres of walking so it’s a good way to start your morning. Of course, the 8 kilometres estimate assumes that you’ll keep your shots on, or near to, the fairway. Personally, I’m sure I would be walking a lot more than 8 kilometres just trying to find out where my shots keep landing.

Whatever your score on the day, remember to enjoy the 19th hole responsibility afterwards.

Get Outdoors and Train

There’s a lot of variety and adventures to have over summer, so get out there and have a go! No matter what you choose, variety is the key to a great fitness and health regime. The most important factor to any training regime is: you need to enjoy it and be consistent.

We’ll be running our outdoor training groups up until 23rd December so I hope you can make it there. Group training will resume after the Christmas break on Monday 9th January.

Whatever training you choose, make sure it’s fun, safe and social!

Tanna xoxo