The 12 Healthy Rules of Christmas

Merry Christmas Guys!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, been pretty busy expanding our training sessions. But I want to keep you all in check over this silly season. The chances of you putting on at least a couple of kilos are very high, so lets go through our 12 rules of christmas to keep your weight not only stable but maybe even lose a cheeky bit of christmas weight.

1. Eat before you go to parties.

I can’t stress this enough. How many of you have celebrations where all you do is eat and drink till you feel like your pants will pop open. If you not hungry don’t eat! Don’t waste all your hard work exercising by ruining it with just a couple of party treats.

2. Have alcohol free days.
It’s so easy to get carried away over the holidays and before you know it two weeks have passed and you’ve been in a constant state of pissed. Give your body time to recover. Appoint alcohol free days which will reduce your calorie intake hugely.

3. Choose low calorie alcoholic options.
A standard shot of a spirit is 70 calories. The more important decision you have to make is what to mix it with. A mixer like coke for example takes the calorie count to around 250 calories. Imagine having 10 and just consumed 2500 calories with drinks alone. The use of diet coke or coke zero will keep that drink at 70 calories. Which no, I hate to tell you doesn’t mean you can down more drinks but save yourself those extra valuable calories which could mean the difference between you putting on or losing weight this summer.

4. Offer to take a plate to a party.
When going from a friends christmas Bbq one day to the family do the next day your food choices can be limited and you no longer have control of you food intake. Offer to take a plate, something like a big fruit salad, instead of fatty christmas cakes laden with cream. Or a big salad, something like a cous cous or roasted beetroot and feta salad which everyone can enjoy. That way have healthy meat choices and your own side salad and you have perfectly escaped a meal the low fat way.

5. Keep the actual christmas over eating to just the 25th December.
I’m not lying to myself when I know your all gonna have a bit of a pig out on xmas day, which is ok. As long as you do it for that one special day and get back it some form of normalised eating the very next day.

6. Start every day with a proper breakfast.
This will assist in keeping your food intake down as it’s part of your normal routine. The worst thing you can do is start the day off with a few chocolates or some of Nanna’s left over christmas cake. You can eat half a days calorie intake before lunch and it will start you craving nothing but the wrong things.

7. Portion Size.
Please don’t choose a small plate with the intention of not eating much and then continue to pile a mountain of food onto your plate. Tell yourself one plate and thats it, no going back for seconds, thirds and some of you even fourths. Control yourselves.

8. Get off your ASS!
Don’t let your fitness lapse for your 2 or 3 week holidays and then hit struggle town when we start back Monday January 14th. Do yourself a favour and Like our Facebook page, where all summer we will be posting workouts for you to participate in to keep not only your fitness but weight in check these holidays. I repeat, Get off your ASS!

9. Use this summer to hit the beach and get some sunshine.
Any outdoor activities or a day at the beach will be so beneficial. You could burn a days food and never even notice because your having too much fun. Long walks or runs on sand, swimming, cricket, surfing. picnics, fun n games with friends and family, take the kids outside for some exercise also, don’t let them play the playstation all holidays.

10. Make exercise dates.
Usually when we have time off it’s a great time to catch up with all those friends you have managed to see you 6 months. Plan your catchup around an exercise session. A walk and talk is great or meet them at the 1000 steps. A swimming catch up is also a great idea. Get active and influence the lazy people around you. Pay it forward.

11. Drink water.
Drink water — it will fill you up a bit and prevent you from overeating.

12. Have Fun!
Healthy Christmas ElvesIf you’ve honestly trained hard and eaten well all year then go for it.  You must live and enjoy life and celebrate with your loved ones, after all it is Christmas. This is why you get up early and put yourself through training sessions so you can love life when it counts, and what better time of year than summer/christmas.

Sorry guys, I saw this picture and couldn’t resist. Here are some of santa’s elves for the ladies out there. Behave and maybe you will get one of these for Christmas.

I wish you the best summer and christmas guys. Take care of yourselves, eat healthy, drink wisely and love lots.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Peace out and see you in 2013.

Yours truly,

Tanna xoxoxo