Here’s some of the frequently asked questions about boot camp outdoor training. If you’ve got any questions you need answered, please contact us.

What If I have to miss a week?

This is no problem as you're able to put your membership on Time Freeze with prior notice. Just fill in a quick form with dates to be held and start back at training when your membership resumes. Time Freeze needs to be done before freeze dates commence.

What is Outdoor Training?

Bailey’s Bodies Outdoor Training is a well researched fitness program delivered by qualified trainers. Designed to help the participant lose weight and increase their fitness levels, our aim is to ensure you have fun in the process! We offer all the benefits of a conventional boot camp style training, without the yelling and intimidating environment.

What about the weather?

As much as we love the outdoors, our facilities see us through all weather conditions, rain, hail or shine. All our training locations provide undercover areas so you don't have to worry about missing a session.

How long/often is training?

Each training session runs for one hour, this includes warm up, cool down and stretching. Check out our timetable to see our current days/times for both Wantirna and Ferntree Gully. Unlike most other boot camps we run our sessions continuously, so there is no 4 or 6 week programs then starting again. I find this pointless and a hinderance. Training is run all year round and you are able to begin or finish at any time through out the year.

What if I’m not fit?

Here at Bailey’s Bodies we understand that not everybody is the same therefore we would not expect everyone to be at the same fitness level. Exercises given out can be progressed/regressed to suit all fitness needs and capabilities and we have members starting off that have not exercised in 20 years, so no need to be nervous. We currently have a wide variety of fitness levels at training so no matter where you are you will fit right in.

What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is a drink bottle preferably filled with water, a towel you can lay down on and any medication such as asthma puffer. Loose comfortable clothing is advised and don't forget your exercise shoes.

What happens if I miss a session?

We do run morning, evening and weekend sessions so if you know you can’t make your normal session make arrangements to come to the alternate day/time or location. If you just sleep in or can’t be bothered, you miss out. No rain checks. Remember consistency! To achieve ultimate results and dismiss excuses and procrastination all missed sessions are to be made up within two weeks of that missed training sessions. No refunds are given for missed sessions.