Eating Healthy Over Christmas

Christmas is a great time of year, filled with sunshine, good food and good drinks! Here’s some quick tips for how to stick to your healthy eating over Christmas break.

I’ll be the first to admit that over the Christmas holidays, I do relax, and enjoy my food. It’s good for the soul, and you should not feel guilty about it. If you want that extra slice of Christmas pudding, go for it! However, try not to go too crazy! Here’s some quick tips (or reminders if you will) for how you can minimise your weight-gain over the festive month.

Protein Is Your Friend

Calories can be broken down into three main groups: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The body needs a mix of all three types of calories to maintain your health, but the ratio of what we eat can be adjusted to achieve whatever our goals may be.

Protein is one of those things that people don’t consume enough of.

We’ll be posting more articles soon about the benefits of protein but the biggest benefit for those of you trying to lose weight is that protein will keep you feeling full for longer.

Drink Water and Lots of It

Water is another tool that will help in the battle against the hunger pains. Quite often people will mistake their dehydration as being hunger and start eating, when their body only really needed some water.

The things we drink can very quickly affect our calorie consumption. There are 161 calories in a can of coke! Even if we ignore the high sugar content of the drinks, those calories provide your body no healthy protein, minerals or vitamins. That’s 161 calories that should have been consumed as healthy proteins or vegetables!

Load Your Plate with Vegetables & Salad

Summer is the season of good weather and there’s nothing better than having a great salad to go with your meals. Vegetables and salads are mostly quite low in calories, so load your plate up lots of salad!

However, there are (as always) some exceptions to the rule to consider:

  • Try to avoid the high fat, high calorie creamy salad dressings
  • Limit your servings of high calorie salads like pasta salad and potato salad (which often also include high calorie, creamy sauces)
  • Eat lots of spinach and green leafy salads

Limit Your Alcohol

This is quite often where a lot of people struggle to limit their consumption. I’m not saying we’re all alcoholics, but most people like to have a drink or two when they relax, but just try to remember that each glass of beer you drink will put you further away from your goal.

Not all alcohol is created equally so there is a lot of variation in how many calories contained in different types of beers, wine and liquors. Wine Folly have put together a great infographic that breaks down the caloric content of beer versus wine. Keep in mind, this is just a guide so you’ll need to be wary based on whichever drink you choose to drink.

Have Fun, and Enjoy the Break

I’m not going to tell you all to eat nothing other than chicken and vegetables for the Christmas break, because no one wants to do that, and Christmas is a great time for great food!

Enjoy your Christmas lunch, and have a cheat day with cheat meals, but remember Christmas is a one day event!