Don’t Weigh As Much As The Horse This Spring Carnival

Australians love our public holidays, and Melbourne Cup day is one of our most famous! It’s a great excuse to call in “sick” on Monday and squeeze out a four day weekend!

I don’t know about you guys but for me Melbourne Cup day means inviting friends over for a BBQ and a few of beers. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to have one of my regular cheat meals, but it’s important not to go too crazy on cheat meals. You have to remember, it’s a cheat meal not a cheat day!

With that said, if you’re interested in learning ways you can have a great day without going too crazy on the calories, read on!

Choose the Right Salad

The word salad isn’t very specific but people tend to assume that a salad is always healthy when that isn’t necessarily the case.

Pasta salad and potato salads are both high in carbohydrates. If you’re not doing a lot of exercising that day, those extra carbohydrates (energy) will be turned into body fat. To make things worse, the sauce for these salads is often creamy and high in saturated fats.

Try to stay away from pre-made salads in supermarket and make your own at home. This way, you’ll be able to pay attention to ingredients and be aware of how many calories are in the meal.

Choose Low Fat Salad Dressings

If you’ve succeeded in making yourself a healthy salad, full of fresh, green leafy vegetables and assorted goodies, then you’re on the way to a healthy meal. The type of salad dressing you choose from here will make a world of difference.

Stick to using Olive oil or vinegars for your salad dressings. If you are buying your salad dressings at the supermarket, be careful to check the label on the “low-fat” varieties. Quite often they add extra sugar to the low-fat sauces to enhance their flavour.

Eat Lean Cuts of Meat

What BBQ would be complete without some meat? Choose wisely, and remember you get what you pay for. Cheaper cuts of meat are often lower in quality and contain more fat. There’s a reason sausages are so cheap! Good quality cuts of meat include chicken breast, turkey breasts good quality steak. If you can get your hand on some kangaroo, then that’s even better for your belly, wallet and the environment so give them a shot! Kangaroo is an extremely healthy source of protein!

Too Much Alcohol is Bad

I’m sure we all know this but it warrants mentioning. Try to limit your intake of alcohol as the calories consumed from beer is going straight to the hips.

Have a great day, put some bets on and enjoy your cheat meals! I know I will be!

– Tanna