The 7 best fitness gifts of 2018

Do you struggle to find the perfect gift for your fitness loving family member?


What do you buy the friend who’s not really interested in a bottle of booze or a night out on the town?


I know I’ve been hard to buy for in the past. My mum can testament to that.

Now that I’ve written this blog I’m literally going to give this list to my family for my birthday present ideas. Mum will be very happy I make her life easier.

Lets jump in and see what fitness trends are popular right now. I’ve tried to give you some ideas in varying price ranges.

Obviously a lot more products could have made the list but I didn’t want to be here all day so I’ve picked my top 7.

I’d be more than happy if I got given any of these come birthday or Christmas time.

Let’s check them out


Activity Tracker

These have been so popular over the last 5 years and I don’t think that they will be going away anytime soon.

Activity trackers such as the popular brand Fitbit (I have always owned Fitbit brand) are really making these trackers into fashion accessories.

They even have interchangeable bands so you can match to every outfit.

It’s great, not only can you wear them with your sweaty dirty unflattering gym gear but your activity tracker now is jazzed up enough to wear with your Saturday night dancing outfit.

There are too many different brands out there for me to name so I thought I’d show you the Fitbit Versa which is one of the newer popular, stylish ones out there.

Available in a range of colours for both males and females.

RRP – $299













Theracane Massage Cane

I tend to get really tight muscles throughout the week from my workouts and I can’t afford the weekly massages that my body needs to stay limber so I do a lot of stretching and self massage techniques with some inexpensive tools I’ve purchased.

Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of foam rollers and spikey massage balls, in which I use both every couple of days. I’m addicted to them. I’m addicted to good feeling it brings my tight muscles. It’s like having a massage at home, that I can do myself and don’t have to pay for.

The new massage tool doing the rounds this year is a Theracane.

Pretty cool and a good present that a fitness buff would really appreciate.

I don’t have time to go into how to use it. That is for another blog post I think. You can quickly youtube it to find out. Basically you can reach any area of your body and release tightness by holding on trigger points.

RRP- Available on ebay anywhere from $3 up to $35 at reputable stores.


Gift Cards

Well I know this is a no brainer. You can spend as much or as little as you like.

But where to get a gift card for your fitness loving friend?

You can literally get a voucher from anywhere. We sell gift cards all the time at Bailey’s Bodies. We sell a lot particularly around Mother’s day and Christmas.

We offer vouchers starting at $50 all the way up to full memberships over $1k.

Other unusual gift cards may be for a session in a float tank. A voucher for a ninja warrior type obstacle session. Bounce for a fun trampoline session with mates. Really just try and think outside the box

RRP – Whatever you want to spend

[email protected] – Contact Bailey’s Bodies to organise a training gift card



Water Tracker Drink Bottle

You may be thinking what a crap present. A drink bottle.

I can assure you I love my water tracker drink bottle.

This is probably the best I’ve ever been at consistently drinking the correct amount of water per day. I actually can feel the difference. I feel good and hydrated.

The water level lines on the drink bottle has the times of day you should be consuming that water by. It makes it really easy to space out my drinks and keep track of how much I’m drinking.

It’s also the best way to tell if I’m behind already for that day.

RRP- $20


Suspension Trainer

This is hands down my top favourite pieces of fitness equipment I own. More so than any dumbell, weight plate or fitball.

The reasons are simple.

It’s not too expensive for how versatile it is. You can use it anywhere!!

It can literally work the entire body and it’s great for any fitness level. You can always progress your exercises to keep getting harder.

The suspension trainer is great for bodyweight strength but I can guarantee your heart rate will be up too.

It folds up very small so it’s great to pack in a suitcase for my fit buddies who have to travel.

RRP – $70



Stealth Core Trainer

Okay so this is something I don’t own but I really want it. Hence it’s on my wish list.

How awesome would it be to work your core but be distracted by games and challenges along the way.

Basically hold your body on the platform and follow the screen to complete games by moving your body how the games required. I know my planks would be so much longer if I was playing games. Please watch the demonstration video in the link below.

RRP – $199


Fitness Gift Hamper

You could buy one of these from a proper gift place but you will be paying through the roof for honestly probably not much content.


I suggest buying some things yourself along with a nice basket or box and make one yourself. Fitness magazines, drink bottle, skipping rope, sweat towel, tin of tuna(be funny), workout top,  protein bars etc…

RRP – What ever you want to spend.


Now, go out and buy your loved one the fitness gift they deserve this year.