September is Train The Trainer Month

Have you ever noticed that when your personal trainer says “only ten seconds to go”, that those ten seconds feel like ten minutes? Your muscles are aching, your lungs are desperate for air, yet those ten seconds feel like an eternity, and in that moment, you can’t help but start to dislike your trainer. Well, this month, you can get your revenge!

Train the Trainer

The lucky victim will be our personal trainer Travis Kennedy and for those of you who’ve trained with him in the past, I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to exacting your revenge!

It’s a one off session to be held Saturday 21st September at 9.15am, straight after our regular 8am training session at Ferntree Gully boot camp.

Fellow personal trainer Alana will be on call to make sure things don’t get too crazy (or maybe to encourage it perhaps?) so get your thinking caps on and work out what you want to get Travis doing.

Raising Money for Healthy Kids Association

This is a fundraising event, so we’ll be selling 15 minute blocks for $100. Get together with your friends to raise the money and you get to choose what Travis does for that 15 minute block.

All money raised from this event will be going towards the Healthy Kids Association which is a great cause, working towards healthier eating for kids. Teaching children the importance of healthy eating and exercise is an extremely important issue that needs more focus. The Healthy Kids Association is working hard to make sure all Australian children have access to the information and knowledge they need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you or your friends are interested in purchasing a block of Travis’ time let us know on our Facebook page.

When and Where

It’s a one off session to be held immediately after our normal boot camp session on Saturday 21st September at 9.15am.

The Train the Trainer will last for an hour (unless we get overwhelming support for a longer session). Come along for boot camp that morning, and enjoy the show immediately afterwards.