Bailey’s Bodies offers personal training to help our members get fit and lose weight. Our personal trainers are highly trained professionals who will teach, inspire and motivate you to push yourself harder than you ever could on your own.

After many working as a personal trainer for many years, Tanna Bailey has come up with a proven formula that gets results. The combination of good exercise, and nutritional planning get fast, safe and long-lasting results.

Personal Training or Group Training?

If you’ve only ever thought one-on-one personal training is for you, please reconsider group training. I have trained plenty of people who have blossomed and achieved most spectacular weight loss goals with our group supportive environment. Just check out our testimonials page as proof.

I know making the initial phone call can be the hardest part of a weight loss program, so do it right now. No more putting it off, it’s time. Start our no obligation free trial today.