26 to 36 years old. A tale of fitness and weight loss.

I thought it might be good to talk about the differences I have personally found in my health, fitness and weight loss journey over the last 10 years.

And boy can I tell you, yes, there is a huge difference.
I can already tell the next 10 years will be so different again.

But let me tell you about my journey and hopefully you can heed advice from my learnings.

I am someone who has struggled with their weight their whole life. So most of my journey reflects yo yo dieting. This has really changed I’d say the last 4 years in particular.

I can say I am absolutely done with the yo yo dieting.
It clearly doesn’t work and I feel like it’s too hard to stick to as I like to be perfect when I’m on a weight loss plan. It’s not true life to live like this. It’s unattainable long term.

Now with some wisdom behind me I can’t stress how harmful this behaviour is.

All you guys in your 20’s who this sounds familiar, learn from all my years of experience. You will always put the weight back on. Always!

Trust in the fact that I really know what I’m talking about not only from a personal trainers point of view but from someone that has tried every dietunder the sun.

I have lost that all or nothing mentality that ruled my 20’s.

Now I’m mid 30’s I really don’t want to have to work that hard for it.

I’m in a place in my life that I really have found a healthy balance.
No more all or nothing mentality but concentrate on timing. Timing of food, timing of workouts.

I can have my cake and eat it to but my new rule for life is to workout first. This is a healthy relationship. I’m not depriving myself anymore. Which I feel this has settled me.

Now when I said I don’t want to have to work as hard for it, this totally includes workouts too.

Never fear I’ve actually grown wiser in my aging years.

How I said I’ve struggled with my weight, I am very lucky that I actually enjoy exercise. There are people who exercise because they have to and those that exercise because they want to. I know my weight would have been a major problem if I didn’t like exercise.

Currently I am seeing great results with a high intensity based workouts. I’ve gone back to full body workouts instead of split body part days. I feel I get a better workout this way.

I really believe this is the best type of workout to maximise fat loss and build muscle along with my diet.
Especially as I get a little older.
Trust me, losing weight is so much harder as you get older. Your metabolism and hormones change. It really hit me about the age of 30.

My cardio has also changed to what I find enjoyable. No longer do I kill myself on incline treadmills. I do what I like.
Walks, hikes even swimming sometimes. My favourite is probably in spring/summer when my Dad and I go for bike rides and try and play a bit of tennis. I say the word try very loosley.
I do things for enjoyment which takes the pressure off.

I also don’t overtrain now. In my 20’s I was totally guilty of this. Probably why I ruined my body.

My body has been through the ringer. I am very susceptable to soft tissue injuries. Now I’m someone who walks away from every single workout with a little niggle. In my 20’s when I lost 30kg I was silly ignoring reoccuring hamstring injuries and now I’ve stuffed my right hamstring for life. I can’t even really do the 1000 steps anymore because of that.

But as I get older I have to work harder to get the same results. So I choose to be smarter so I don’t break my body.

One thing I do now that I didn’t do even a few years ago is get regular consistent massages. I have found an awesome lady that really suits me.
I used to see an Osteo after that fact when I injured myself but that was becoming too often. Now I use massage as a bit of injury prevention. Totally changed the way my body recovers and manages my workouts these days. I wish I’d started this earlier.

The last thing I want to touch on is sleep. I’ve actually ruined myself the last 13 years of being a personal trainer with poor sleeping habits. I probably get on average 4 hours every night, which is shit!
It’s how my body has learnt to survive after all these years and now I can’t break it.

My advice is work on your sleep routine and create healthy sleep time habits when your in your 20’s cause I feel I may have screwed myself up here. I wish I knew this when I was younger. I would have made it a priority because it really effects every other aspect in life.

I guess I’m am writing this because I was reflecting on the changes over time and thought if I could give my younger self some advice what would it be.

So to wrap up my reflection, please, lose the all or nothing mentality.
Look after and be sensible with your body.
Be smarter with your time and workouts.
Do what you love.
Stop the yo-yo dieting.
It doesn’t work!!
Get a healthy relationship with food. Not overindulging but not having the guilts either. Just healthy!

Get motivated and take action