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Ferntree Gully North Primary School Success Stories


“I have more than surpassed my expectations of becoming healthier and stronger”

I joined Bailey’s Bodies in mid March 2012. Tanna has been absolutely fantastic and helped me so much, especially with my diet, patiently teaching me about nutrition and making healthier choices. I have more than surpassed my expectations of becoming healthier and stronger and as a bonus have changed my body shape quite considerably. I find the group training totally inspiring, especially being surrounded by people whom have the same goals as I do. I also feel Bailey’s Bodies has a real family atmosphere, and that people really care about you which was unexpected and has helped me so much at times. Thank you to all at Bailey’s Bodies and an especially big thank you to Tanna.


“I have lost 24 kilos! I love attending and have met a lot of wonderful people along my journey”

I am a 31year old stay at home mum and my original goal was to lose 10-15 kilos and fit back into a pair of Bettina Liano jeans. Having such an amazing, approachable and knowledgeable personal trainer to assist me throughout my weight loss journey made it so much easier. I have lost 24 kilos! I now have muscle definition in my legs which I have never had! I love attending and have met a lot of wonderful people along my journey and overall I have achieved fantastic results. 

Anyda Stein

“I've always struggled with sport and fitness until I met Tanna'”

She helped me to get moving and increase my metabolism to the point of burning 2000 or more calories a day. She also helped me to take note of and change my overall diet, my lifestyle change has been permanent and I feel so much better for it! I've also slimmed down and my muscles are being toned over time I can really start seeing the difference! This training is only effective if accompanied by personal dietary changes and the choice to live a healthy life!

Michiel Ruighaver

“I have dropped 10kg since I started”

I started the 6 week journey to gain some fitness (and lose a little weight too!) Before the journey started, I couldn't run around with the kids for more than a few minutes before I had to stop and be the referee (my trick for getting out of running). The 6 week transformation taught me to be a little more selective with the type and quantity of food I was eating (it wasn’t about drastically reducing the quantity of food, just balancing the type of food and eating more meals regularly). It also helped me to start exercising regularly. I never understood why people ran before my 6 week journey, however I now like running 5km every day before work to clear my mind (and pick up some great ideas in the process). The added bonus is that I have dropped 10kg since I started.

Carly B

“Bailey’s Bodies have sparked my motivation again”

I have been up and down with health and fitness for the last 15 years and was at an all time low before I joined the 6 Week Challenge. I had been trying different gyms, trainers and program's and nothing helped get me out of my slump. Thank goodness I had the courage to try the challenge, as Tanna and the team at Bailey’s Bodies have sparked my motivation again. I have a long way to go but with the ongoing encouragement and support from Tanna, the team and the other members I will get there. I would like to say this is the first time I don't feel like other people are looking at me negatively and that may be a self confidence thing, but it really does feel like a family at Bailey's Bodies and I urge you to give it a go :)